9 Reasons Why I Love The Rain

I think we’re born with a certain disposition that influences which type of weather/climate we prefer. Ever since I was little, my mood lifts when it rains. I always liked the change in atmosphere – most days are either sunny or party sunny where I’m from. Rain felt like a reset to me and when most people thought it was damp and gross out, I felt refreshed and inspired. Most people like sunny days, or so they say, but as a kid I felt like the grey days were meant more for me. I grew up to love the rain so much that I moved to a place where it rains more than it shines. It’s not that I don’t like sunny days – I certainly enjoy those, too, but there’s just something about the rain.

#1. Grey is a pretty colour

Dove grey, slate grey, charcoal, soft grey, etc. Grey a pretty colour that is soothing for the eyes and mind. I love the look of nearly black storm clouds approaching on a clear day. In colour psychology, grey means neutrality and balance. My personality has always been about harmony so that’s likely why grey speaks to me so much. Others may see grey as depressing or gloomy, but I see it as a beautiful, living colour.

#2. Raindrops sound pretty

Even most sun people can’t deny that the sound of rain pattering against the window is soothing. It’s like music to the ears and it can be relaxing at night or invigorating earlier in the day (If you’re like me and enjoy adventuring out in the rain).

#3. Petrichor

The lush smell of the earth after it rains is intoxicating. It smells so fresh and earthy. In fact, the smell of the air as the rain comes in is lovely as well.

#4. Certain colours pop more under grey skies

I’ve noticed since getting more into nature photography how I prefer greyer landscapes since the trees, rocks, earth, etc. pop so much more in the dim. Rainy days give a different perspective to life, much like sunny days. It’s like seeing the world through a different lens and I like how much richer colours look around me when it rains.

#5. Mist

I’m pretty sure every romantic type enjoys the look of fog/mist, especially in country or forested settings. It’s like a blanket of inspiration – both foreboding and adventurous. The world transforms under a blanket of fog and to me, it looks so beautiful. (Before anyone argues it’s terrible to drive in the fog, I get it, of course. It’s a hassle if you’re driving somewhere, so do drive safe. If you’re out on a trail, though, it’s gorgeous.)

#6. Dark beauty is striking

This sums up a lot of the previous points, but it deserves its own heading. I love the look of dark beauty – the grey skies over a forest or rain pattering down on the fields. The way a grey day looks while looking out the window with a cup of tea. The shades of grey in the clouds. It’s all very stunning.

#7. Less people are outside

Another reason why I like rain so much is that it implies a quieter world will be outside, especially on nature trails. If there’s a certain forest you love going to but don’t enjoy it as much when there’s a lot of people on the path, go when it’s rainier. The mood will be completely different – the mists will wrap around the trees and the greens will come to life beneath the grey skies. Even going for a quaint city walk with an umbrella can be really lovely.

#8. It’s inspiring

For all the reasons mentioned before, rainy days can inspire all sorts of things. Whether it’s a reason to stay in, light a candle, and read by the window or wander out to the woods and enjoy the sensory experience of precipitation or an epic fantasy plot forms in your mind – rain is a wonderful canvas for good ideas.

#9. It keeps things green

This one’s more practical, but it shouldn’t be ignored. Rain gives life just as much as the sun. In areas where it rains more, the vegetation is so lush and vibrant. Nothing to complain about there. Too much rain can be bad just as too much sun can be bad. A nice balance of rain and sun is always ideal.

I hope you enjoyed these points. If you like the sun better, I won’t throw you any shade (ahah). Rain or shine, you might as well live for the day. ❤


  1. Like you I like the rain, to me it’s the cool and the sound – I hadn’t noticed colors popping more but maybe that’s a mix of poor uk light and the wrong landscape. I do like the greyer skies becasue when you’re trying to photo something the sun isn’t trying to take over… maybe it’s the same thing lol

  2. They say that someone able to explore a simple topic deeply, is truly an intelligent seeker. Thoroughly enjoyed this.

    This is *not* a plug of any kind, but a while back I produced a mix to rain and thunder sounds that might interest you. Idea was a waking dream, to relax to. Feel free: https://youtu.be/V1VS3HrPis4

    – Garry

  3. I’m exactly the same! I’ve met very few people who prefer rain to sunshine like I do, so I was really happy to read this post! I’ve never really thought about the reasons why I love the rain though, other than that it inspires me to create and I definitely write better when it’s raining, so it was really interesting to read your reasons to love the rain. I think I agree!

  4. I love your perspective on rain! It’s awesome when we think about its many benefits. Thank you for a great read 😊

      • You couldn’t have said it better! There definitely is something about the rain that calls for introspection and Me time. And sunny days are spent in the company of others.
        Beautiful post, looking forward to reading your other posts 😊

  5. I love the rain for the plants.
    Plants gets really happy with the rain, and that makes me happy.
    Right now, it’s very hard time for a plant, as it’s very hot. I’ve just read the paper and that says monsoon will be coming after 29 june, so 1 more month.

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