Self-Care Sunday – Stretching

Stretching is key for everyone’s health. In addition to exercise and healthy eating, stretching is a big part of your overall wellness. It not only helps relieve muscle strains and pains, but it can help prevent injuries while improving your range of motion. Whether you’re fit, not very active, work on your feet, or have a desk job, stretching will benefit you a lot. Something like yoga can be considered a workout if the routine is long enough as it can stretch and work the muscles at the same time.

Stretching Is Essential For Mental & Physical Health

Besides physical health, stretching does wonders of one’s mental health as well. It can hep you wind down for bed if you do a stretch at night. Some people like a nice morning stretch to start the day on a good note. Regardless of when you stretch, it’s an important thing to add to your routine. Something around 15 to 20 minutes is ideal to make sure you’re helping to improve your range of motion and get that circulation flowing.

Stretching Can Help Relieve Pain

There’s some stretching routines that are specific to certain ailments, such as neck pain or lower back pain. This is what will help you continue doing the activities you love for longer. People who stretch often will often appear more youthful and relaxed, because of all the health benefits it offers.

My favourite stretching workouts:

#1 Flexibility Challenge (This is suitable for anyone and can be used as a daily stretch)

#2 Great for after a leg/booty workout (This also helps alleviate lower back/hip pain)

#3 These stretches work wonders for a migraine – the pain will be gone by the next day (Though it can take a few hours to start reducing the pain, it’s better than a pain killer, because it’s targeting the root of the problem).

I hope you enjoyed this! 🙂 Let me know your favourite stretches in the comments below! I’m always keen to try something new.


  1. I find that stretching or yoga (or both) are great ways to start a new day. Just ten minutes of slow and deliberate exercise to stretch your body and clear your mind before going on with your day.

  2. A great blog!
    I love the information provided in it.
    You have shared some good points. I’ve written on this topic before, but I don’t think I could have written some like this.
    Best wishes.

  3. I might look at this more closely, I do a few minutes of yoga most days to start the day – I’m keen to learn more.

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