Hello June

Happy June 1st! We are now officially in the middle of the year. It’s been a productive first half of 2022 for me overall and now the summer energy is strongly approaching.

My June Blogging Goals

This is becoming more of a lifestyle blog, but it will continue to have a literary flair with the book reviews and writing pieces I’m sharing. I’m sticking with 4-5 posts/week, but sometimes there may be more. I find it’s not that hard for me blog regularly at this point, so I figure I might as well ride this wave of blogging inspiration while I’ve got it.

I’ll continue posting A Season To Fight, my YA fantasy novel, for free this month. There will be a link at the bottom of each post for you to purchase the novel if you’d rather not wait for the next installment (and a book sale is always a nice thing for an author!). If you haven’t had a chance to check it out, here’s a list of the chapters so you can read it in order (So far I have posted chapters one to five).

A Season To Fight – Chapter One

A Season To Fight – Chapter Two

A Season To Fight – Chapter Three

A Season To Fight – Chapter Four

A Season To Fight – Chapter Five

As promised, I’ll also be posting a couple of my poems. They are quite personal and based on a few of my experiences from 2019-2020 so there’s some I wouldn’t ever share for free, but there will be a link after the shared poem to purchase the entire book if you’d like to read more. You can check out the first one I’ve posted here. ❤

My Reading Goals

I’m sticking with reading just one book per month for a couple of reasons. For one, it’s easier to really focus on the book you’re reading when you know you have ample time to sit and enjoy it. I think I rushed a lot of my reading in the past when I was frantically buying up a lot of indie books. I’m already well past my yearly reading goal of 20 books (haha I knew that goal was too low), but for the remaining part of the year, I’ll stick to a nice slow goal of reading one book per month. I enjoy reading, but I don’t want it to eat up all of my time either. Balance is so key.

My Health & Fitness Goals

I’ve always been into fitness, but I’d like to up my game for the summer by working out for at least 20 minutes per day (I was previously slacking a bit and choosing shorter workouts) and walking 7K steps per day. I go on a lot of nature walks (At least once or twice per week) so I’d like to continue that trend, but just make sure I’m getting my steps in.

I’ve been cooking a lot more at home and I think my diet is pretty good, the only thing I’d like to do is up my protein intake a little so I can show more of my results from the workouts.

My Saving Goals

You might recall that I did a low spend month earlier this year and I’m thinking of ways to save more money. That’s still very much a thing and I’ll be posting an update soon about how I plan to do things that can help me save more money.


I hope everyone has an amazing and fun-filled June! What are some of your June goals?


    • Thank you so much for reading. It’s pretty normal for me so funny enough it doesn’t seem too busy but it should be a lot of fun. Have a wonderful June too! 🙂

  1. What a month ahead, dear! Looking forward to reading your story and personal poems.
    I flush a little when thinking about my own book count this year- between working full time (Albeit at home) dinner, writing/ blogging, there ain’t much left for other activities. Although I should definitely get a good book and chill out this summer! 😉
    Happy for you about the workouts. Again, since I’m pregnant I’m not doing anything strenuous and suffice with daily walks.
    Let’s hope for an awesome month ahead, Sara!

    • Thank you, Simone. 🙂 I’ll also be making time for that special someone we were talking about ❤ Hence why I'm reducing reading time. Blogging doesn't take up much time – maybe 15 minutes to post something and my story posts have all been scheduled in advance – so I will have much free time while staying productive. Thank you so much – I'm excited to get back into top shape again! I'm glad you're taking things easy with the pregnancy. If I ever enter this phase (perhaps I may in the near future), I'd be taking great care to eat the best food and only do daily walks for sure. I hope you have an amazing month ahead and it sounds like you've got a great schedule going on with the full time work, your blogging, and making dinner. Hope you can find a great read for the summer, too.

      • Oh yes, I certainly recall!! That’s amazing 🤩 Wont be a boring summer for you! I’m so happy you’ll have that to look forward to.
        I’m glad that you’re taking care of your body. It’s awesome to be in good shape, especially if you’re still planning a pregnancy 😛
        I’m glad I kept in shape and my doctor really promoted healthy dieting and fitness before we started trying.
        Certainly will have a great month, God willing and hope to get to read a good book too! Perhaps I’ll check out one of yours 😉

      • Aw thank you so much. I’m very excited for the summer and I’ll be really happy getting to see him more. That’s true when it comes to future pregnancies, the way you treat your body beforehand heavily influences how easily you can get pregnant. It’s awesome you planned ahead by eating healthfully and working out beforehand. 🙂 You must be excited about your new baby.
        Ooh well I hope you enjoy reading one of my stories. 🙂 Let me know which one you choose. I’ve got quite a variety – kinda blows my mind I wrote all that looking back on it now. LOL 🙂
        Cheers to June!

      • You’ll make sure to keep me posted about the two of you!
        Yes I am very excited about this little one and can’t wait to meet it! 😛
        Which one would you recommend? Want to read your best one! 🥰

      • I certainly will. 🙂
        And you must be super excited. 😍 That’s awesome.
        Hm well I’d say my favourite one is The Pup & The Pianist since pretty much anyone could enjoy it – kids to adults. I’d also say you would like Shepherd Girl which is probably the most epic book I’ve ever written besides my two Westerns. Though it gets pretty dark and the character goes through a lot. What would you be more in the mood for?

      • I think I’d want something with drama, emotion and depth. Something that leaves you with stuff to think about, ya know what I mean?

      • Love those kind of books hehe. Definitely Shepherd Girl, I’d say. It’s an adult coming of age style of story and she has true grit and determination to make a good life for herself and her son. The Broken & The Foolish is like that, too, with a lot of emotion and plot twists. The characters are certainly complex with an ending that will make you think.

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