6 Things I Love About June

Happy June, everyone! Today I’m going to talk about all the reasons why I love this month. 🙂

#1 Warmer weather

I live in the Pacific Northwest, so while we get nice mild winters, the hot weather doesn’t usually arrive until June. It’s well worth the wait though as things warm up and you can bring out your summer clothes.

#2 Longest days of the year

The longest day of the year is in June which means we get the most daylight hours this month! It feels like it’s still the afternoon at 5:30 PM and you can plan to be outside until later at night. Love those warm summer nights.

#3 It’s daisy season!

There’s no season quite like daisy season. The happy wildflowers can be found all over at parks, in gardens, fields, by the sidewalk, or in bouquets. Wildflower lovers will always enjoy these cute little blooms. It’s also a time where other bright flowers like dandelions will appear everywhere.

#4 Beach season has begun

Ok so I admit I’m not one to enjoy being on a crowded beach, but going to the sea at sunset is one of my favourite things to do. Whether you’re into tanning and swimming under the hot sun or you prefer going to the beach when it’s quieter closer to sunrise/sunset, now’s definitely a lovely time for the beach.

#5 Ice cream!

It’s the perfect weather for refreshing treats like ice cream, frozen yogurt, iced cappuccinos, etc. Ice cream trucks will be all over the place and there’s nothing like treating yourself to a nice frozen snack while out and about.

#6 Summer dresses

I’m a little behind in my summer wardrobe shopping, but I very much look forward to buying a couple of new spring dresses and some cute shoes to go with them.

Have a lovely June, everyone!


  1. Wearing dresses is definitely one of my favourite things about summer too! Love having a refreshing ice cream as well x

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