Book Review: Rooted (A Poetry Collection)

Beautiful poems about nature, love, tea, rain, and finding your way.

I loved this lovely book of poems written by a fellow pluviophile and tea lover! I really enjoyed the descriptions of storms & rain. After recently walking in a storm, I could relate to the poem about how when most people run inside, the pluviophile ventures out. Truly captivating and relatable!
The author has struggled with love and loss though she celebrates her current relationship endearingly – you can feel the joy in her words.
I love how she talks about her struggles with people pleasing & learning to live a life that makes her happy. I think this is a book almost everyone can relate to in some way.
The artwork inside was lovely and went so well with the mood of the poems. I’m delighted that I found this book.

My Rating: 5/5 stars

You can check out where to buy this book on Goodreads!


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