Book Review: After He Died

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Paula has suffered through the unthinkable – the death of her husband only a few years after the loss of her son. As she grieves, questioning if life is worth living, she develops a strange bond with a woman who approached her at the funeral – Cara. Cara has lost her brother and Paula soon discovers that these events are interconnected. As strange people keep turning up in her life and secrets slowly unfold, Paula begins to realize that people are not always who they seem to be. Paula is a strong character and I enjoyed reading about her friendship with Cara as well as with her brother-in-law, Joe. This was a definite page turner with some gripping action scenes and chilling psychological scenes. A great read for anyone who enjoys thrillers. I personally couldn’t stop turning the pages, only stopping when I needed to get work done or go to sleep. It’s fast-paced with memorable, fleshed-out characters. 5/5 stars!

You can check out this story on Kobo and you can find the author on Goodreads!

Thank you for reading. 🙂


  1. This sounds lovely! Riveting and interesting to boot. Wish I had the time for this.. would love to have a week straight for honest to goodness reading. Maybe when I’ll be an old lady in a rocking chair I’ll read all of the books I’ve been thinking of 😃😝

    • Aw I hope you can get some reading in soon, too! Yeah I think because I don’t really watch TV and I’m single I have time to read sometimes. I’m super active but when I relax, I read rather than scroll on social media for too long or watch a show. That said, I’ll be slowing that down as I become more social this summer. 😛

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