Self-Care Ideas For Summer

Drink lots of water. Most of us love being outside more during the warmer months. Whether you’re headed to the beach, a hike, or a fun day trip, be sure to keep water with you at all times so you can stay hydrated.

Sunglasses. A great pair of sunglasses is a wardrobe staple. They also help protect your eyes from the sun’s rays and they can also prevent you from squinting. Make sure you get sunglasses that offer sufficient protection from UV rays.

Sunscreen. I know, it’s overdone, but it needs to be said. Don’t forget to wear sunscreen as it protects your skin from sun damage (It’s not just to prevent wrinkles, but also certain types of skin cancer). There’s some great brands on the market now that feel more like a moisturizer than a sunscreen. SPF 30 or higher is best if you’re going to be out on a sunny day.

Cold treats. Ice cream, sherbet, frozen yogurt, popsicles, iced coffees, Frappuccinos – these are all tasty reasons to enjoy the warm weather.

Aloe vera. It’s probably inevitable that most of us will get burnt at some point in the summer despite our best efforts. Aloe vera is a natural way to soothe sunburns while nourishing the skin.

Treat yourself. Whether it’s fun times out with people who make you happy, a new summer outfit, or a day trip somewhere amazing, be sure to treat yourself to something special to you.

May your summer be the best one yet! ❤


  1. These are great! I’m always good with the cold treats because I have them all year around lol, but I really need to work on drinking more water. I feel like I’m always slightly dehydrated.

    • Oh yes definitely do. It’ll make such a big difference when you’re hydrated. That’s amazing you keep the cold treats all year ’round. I like ice cream in winter, too. 😛

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