An Ode To Rain

Rain isn’t so bad when you love the sun yet it has been plentiful

If every day were sunny, it would become mundane and boring

The rivers and lakes would dry up and the planet would burn without rain

Storms give life to the forests, fields, and rivers so you can enjoy the sun when it comes

For certain if you have plans to be outside for hours, rain can be a nuisance

Many beach days and picnics have been cancelled due to the rain

But when you love the rain, it’s more than just a grey day – it’s magic

Rainy days transform the landscape into a wonderland of fog and earthy perfumes

You can think clearer as the music of raindrops pours all around you

If you’re adventurous, it’ll draw you outside for a dark adventure

There’s nothing quite like being in a forest where mists wrap around the trees as you walk

The colours of nature seem richer under an overcast sky

Rain is beautiful whether you enjoy it or not


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