The Plot Twist

The plot twist. It’s the moment that takes you by surprise, shifting the character’s reality forever. I love a good plot twist! The tricky part is creating one that will take everyone by surprise. There are some people who are skilled at figuring out a story’s plot twist before it happens; these people will say “I knew it!” when the shocker is finally revealed.

One of the best compliments I’ve received about my stories is: “I didn’t see that coming.” I love surprising people in my books. That’s the thing about my stories – you might think something’s going one way, but the truth is it isn’t going that way at all. Much like life, things aren’t always what they seem, or things can change quickly.

A good plot twist isn’t just there for shock value, of course. It should always propel the story forward and add further conflict/tension for the character to overcome. The more extreme the plot twist is, the more impressed people will be.

You can’t beat a story with a good twist.


  1. Yes I loved what you said about it not just being there for value – it definitely propels the story and acts as a vehicle for its development.

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