Why I’m Not On Booktok

What Is Booktok?

Booktok is a part of Tiktok where readers and authors post about books. Much like Bookstagram on Instagram, it’s a sphere where one can market their books and potentially connect with an audience. It’s generally geared more to readers, much like the other platforms, but it’s certainly helpful for an author to have a presence there if they so choose. Booktok is quite popular and the hashtag #Booktok has been used millions of times. I follow a few authors on there though I’m not on Tiktok for that purpose.

Why Don’t I Use Booktok?

To put it simply, I have other interests besides book marketing and writing. I’ve enjoyed nature and fashion well before I became a writer, so Tik tok is a place where I post my lifestyle content and enjoy watching similar posts for inspiration. I never really thought to create an author account on there since I didn’t get the app for that purpose. Considering how I was writing for so long, it’s refreshing to get apps for a different purpose.

Would I Ever Get An Author Account On Tik Tok?

I can’t see that happening anytime soon. If I were to be represented by a publisher and they asked me to do this, I’d do it. If someone is paying me to get a Book Tok, I’d have no reason to say no. 😛 But out of my own time? Nah. I think blogging, Instagramming, and Twittering about my books is enough. I don’t really want to do that in the Tik Tok sphere.

Do You Use Book Tok?

I’ve noticed more authors jumping on the BookTok wagon and I think it’s great. It’s a way to show more of your personality and creativity and it’s like the happy medium of Youtube. It’s video format, but the reels are shorter and you don’t need to talk – just lipsync or dance if you want to. If you’re not on BookTok, would you get it? While I’m not really into it, I’d follow anyone who has a BookTok. If you’re there as an author, drop your tik tok and I’ll follow you!


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