25 Blog Ideas For Summer

#1 10 Staycation Ideas

#2 10 Things To Do In Your City During The Summer

#3 10 Free/Affordable Date Night Ideas

#4 How To Plan The Perfect Picnic

#5 My Top 5 Summer Reads

#6 30-Day Summer Photography Challenge

#7 10 Things I Love About Summer

#8 What Does Your Favourite Icecream Flavour Mean? (You could do a quiz)

#9 My Favourite Things About June/July/August (Post one in each month)

#10 Summer Giveaway (Could be a book, summer beauty finds, gift card, etc.)

#11 Do A Summer Book/Beauty/Outfit Haul

#12 8 Ways To Enjoy The Summer On A Budget

#13 Low Spend Summer Challenge

#14 Thrift Shopping Challenge

#15 5 Ways To Save Money This Summer

#16 5 Cute Summer Outfit Ideas

#17 Top 10 Favourite Summer Movies

#18 Post A Favourite Cold Drink Recipe

#19 Talk About Your Summer Plans/Goals

#20 Do A Summer Reading Challenge

#21 Summer Playlist/Favourite Summer Songs

#22 10 Reasons To Love Summer

#23 How To Freshen Up Your Look For Summer

#24 5 Tips On Staying Cool When It’s Blazing Outside

#25 Post About Summer Festivals In Your Area

Hope you enjoyed! πŸ™‚


  1. At first I thought this was fluff posting. But reading this post, simple yet enlightening, I’m happy to have found your lightweight writing skills.

    Thanks for following me, and please continue writing. It’s helping me focus on the bigger picture (more than likely outside of the summer time).

    • Ooh I’m glad to hear it! πŸ™‚ Haha I’m a big picture person which has a lot of pros but definitely some cons at times. I’m really glad it’s helped you focus on the bigger picture beyond Sumner.

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