I Updated The Book Covers For Both Of My Western Novels

When I first published The Broken & The Foolish and Sally, they had very different covers than they do now. I’d say both of them definitely stood out, but I felt that giving each one an update would be a good idea to freshen them up a little and draw in more of a general audience.

Let’s start with Sally.

You can tell right away that the time period is in the 1800’s and she’s in the prairies. While it doesn’t scream “Gothic Western”, it gives a moody Mid-west vibe. I quite like the cover and at the time I had it designed, I marveled at how amazing it was to have it represent my story. However, I think it can give off abit of a historical romance vibe – perhaps attracting the wrong readers. (If people are expecting a romance novel, they’ll be shocked, because Sally is not about that. There’s a hint of romance, but it’s dark and it won’t be what most romance lovers want lol).

The updated cover has a similar colour/tone and a Gothic mood. It’s not as epic as the original cover, but showing the girl’s face in a mysterious way makes it look more thriller than romance. It’s sold better since the update – or at least it’s attracted more readers besides those who only read historical romance books.

I’m curious – which cover of Sally do you like better? Do tell!

For The Broken & The Foolish, I admit that the first cover design is on point for the genre (It also cost a lot of money, but that’s besides the point haha :P). It’s cool and it definitely shows you’ll be reading about a *wanted* female outlaw. I admit that it was selling pretty well with this book cover (compared to my other books before it).

I think since I wanted to change Sally’s cover, I felt it was time to give this one an update as well. The new cover definitely doesn’t scream Western, but I feel it shows a lot of elements from the story – the woods, wild hair, the fact that Mary is attractive, adventure, darkness, intrigue, something ominous and hopeful all at once, etc. It’s a little more vague in nature and I hoped to draw in people who wouldn’t necessarily read a Western, but would check out a dark story about a young woman.

I don’t think this book has sold as well with the new cover, cool as it is, and I almost wonder if it would be worth switching back to the original for a few months to see if there’s a change. I might promote it a little more and see if that helps. It may be due to the fact that I’ve published a few other books since this one, and readers have paid more attention to my newer works.

I’m wondering – do you prefer the original cover of Broken & The Foolish or the new one? I’d love to know!

Thanks so much for stopping by today! I truly appreciate your support of my blog. ❤ If you’re curious to read either Sally or The Broken & The Foolish, I’ll provide you with links to each below. Both are only $2.99 on Kindle.


The Broken & The Foolish

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  1. All the book covers are great! I get what you are saying about the feel of the two Sally covers and think the new cover definitely implies thriller instead of western romance. I like the font of the newer Sally cover also. I would be interested to hear if you run that experiment of changing the cover back on The Broken and Foolish and see if it increases sales.

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