Self-Care Sunday: Great Ways To Relax

Everyone needs time to relax and take time for themselves. Here’s some lovely ideas on how you can relax regardless of the time of year. ❤

Take a long walk. A nature walk can be very rejuvenating. An urban walk with headphones in can also be a great way to unwind. Movement is beneficial for both mental and physical health. Research shows 7500 steps per day gives one many health benefits and it’s a reasonable number for most people. Try not to make it an errand run – the purpose is to relax and either listen to some motivating music or enjoy the sights around you.

Find a quiet place to sip a tea/coffee. Whether it’s at a chill café or a favourite nature spot, spending time in places that make you feel relaxed is so key to good mental health.

Watch the sunrise/sunset. I’d personally recommend catching a sunset in a great spot like at a beach or coastline, but regardless of where you are, taking some time to enjoy a little sky spectacle can be a nice way to focus on the beauty of the present moment.

Stretching/yoga. Nothing like unwinding at the end of a day to do some stretching and yoga. It’s most comfortable with a mat – so it’s worth investing in one! 🙂 You deserve it. Stretching can help ease tight/sore muscles while preventing injuries. It’s also a great way to tell your body that it’s time to rest. Some people like doing a morning stretch to wake up, too, so it’s really all about what you personally need from the day.

Lighting a candle. Lighting a candle is a lovely way to transform your room into a little haven.

Reading a book. A little escapism never hurt anyone. Reading is a great way to sit back and enjoy something someone else created. Unlike television, it’s less stimulating for the mind as well.

Mute phone notifications (or shut it off for a few hours). Doing this is so beneficial for your mental health. If you need to have your phone on during the day for work, it helps to turn off notifications in the evening so you can wind down before bed – I try not to check my phone after 7 PM or before 9 AM. You need some time to yourself away from the phone/online world. Some people find checking their phone at designated times to be helpful – setting good texting/online boundaries is key to reducing anxiety and stress.

Have a spa day. You don’t need to book a full day at a posh spa to pamper yourself. You can also create your own spa moment right at home. Everyone likes to feel pampered once in a while. It’ll help you feel relaxed and rested.

Balance work and life as best you can. I know it’s easier said than done. Especially with certain careers/fields, you may work long hours or need to bring work home with you. What you can do is make sure you’re balancing out the work with enough rest time and give yourself at least one day per week where you don’t need to do anything work-related. While work is important (It’s what pays the bills and allows us to live after all), so is living life outside of it.

I hope you found these helpful. Sometimes it’s nice to get reminders of how to relax. I feel like I’ve mastered the work-life balance thing most weeks, but sometimes even I need a gentle reminder to take that extra time to chill out. Have a lovely day, all! 🙂


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