30 Blog Post Ideas For Indie Authors

Are you stuck about what to write about on your blog? Here’s some ideas that might spark a little inspiration. Happy blogging! ❤ (P.S. Traditionally published authors can make use of some of these, too!)

#1 Talk about why you chose to self-publish

#2 Share what inspires you to write (Music, weather, topics, passions, people, etc.)

#3 Share how you’ve been promoting your books

#4 Write tips on how to self-publish books on a budget

#5 Describe your writing process

#6 List your favourite indie authors

#7 Share what you’ve learned so far about self-publishing

#8 Share your writing/publishing/book marketing goals

#9 Do a book giveaway

#10 Swap author interviews with another indie author blogger

#11 Share any struggles you’ve had as an indie author

#12 List your favourite indie book bloggers

#13 Write book reviews for other indie authors

#14 Share a “day in the life” post

#15 Talk about other topics you’re interested in besides writing (Let people get to know the person behind the books)

#16 Talk about the first book you ever wrote and what inspired you to do it

#17 Share your future plans as an author

#18 Share any writing tips you’ve found helpful

#19 Share an excerpt from your book

#20 Share your experiences on Bookstagram/Book Twitter/ Book Tok, etc.

#21 How have your book sales been doing? Share which months have been best for you.

#22 Which one of your books is closest to your heart and why?

#23 Offer to send ARCs to people willing to read and review your book for free.

#24 Share some important lessons you’ve learned as an indie author.

#25 Do an author spotlight for another indie author.

#26 Do monthly wrap ups (What you accomplished, if you reached your goals, etc.)

#27 Post a cover reveal for a new book

#28 Post a writing playlist for a book you’ve written

#29 Do a writer q & a

#30 Take a writing related quiz and post your results!

I hope you found these helpful. Have a great day! 🙂

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  1. Some really sound advice. I’ve been in a blogging slump lately, but some of your suggestions are quite good. Thanks for sharing. 🙌🏾🙌🏾

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