Believing You Deserve Happiness

Saying affirmations like “I deserve happiness and good things are coming my way” is a great thing to do daily. Especially if you believe what you’re saying, it can really change your life. How? When you know in your heart and mind that you deserve happiness, your choices and actions will follow suit. You’ll no longer accept things that aren’t bringing you happiness, growth, or good mental health. That also means you’ll feel empowered to go for things that will improve your life.

You might see a pattern as to what you accepted in the past before you realized you deserve to be happy – maybe you allowed people to cross your boundaries or you’d fall for people who were not a good match for you. Once you’ve realized you’re worthy of love, respect, happiness, contentment, etc. it’s amazing what you say no to vs. what you say yes to.

Saying no to the things that distract you, hold you back, or make you sad will leave much more room for the good things to come your way. It’s worth it to remind yourself often, if not daily, that you are deserving of happiness and good things in life. ❤ Affirmations are a conscious action where you speak important truths so that your mind and heart will start to believe them. It’s not about magical thinking or the universe hearing your voice, it’s about aligning your thoughts and actions to create your ideal life.

Thanks so much for reading today. ❤

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