Hello August

Happy August, everyone! I hope you’re already having a great day – and if not then may the rest of your day bring good things.

My Blogging Goals For August

I’ll continue to post every few days with weekly book reviews. I plan to keep up with everyone’s blog and give you all likes and comments when I can. I also hope to discover some other indie author/lifestyle type of blogs to follow so I’ll be keeping an eye out for blogs with cool vibes.

My Personal Goals For August

As you may remember, I’ve been winding down with the reading so that I can make time for other things – including this blog! 🙂 I’ve been reading the same novel for the past month – Trash Rat by Daniel Aegan – and it’s been chill not rushing it or pushing myself to read more than is comfortable.

I’ve been really focusing on cooking delicious and healthy meals which take a little more time – I haven’t been rushing things and have been sitting at a table after cooking them which is nice – the whole process can take an hour or so which is a lovely change of pace for me. I definitely want to experiment with more recipes this month. 😛

I got to go on some lovely road trips and lake walks in July so I’ll definitely be continuing this for August as well, especially as the weather levels out to the 20-25C temperature range, the hikes will be a lot more comfortable. July was very dry (I’m a poet! haha) and I look forward to getting some rain in this area again. Of course, I want to go on a few swims while the weather is warm, so I’ll be doing that at least once! 🙂

I hope you all have an amazing August! What are your plans for this month (blogging or otherwise?) ❤


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