Photography: Wildflower

Forest walks and views of the water are among my favourite things to do. I also like balancing on rocks/logs when given the chance.

Balance practice.
One of my favourite places.
Forest girl.
Posing is an art. Don’t tell me otherwise. πŸ˜›
Young right now.
Forest therapy.


  1. πŸ€” Hmm. Balancing on rocks can be a bit perilous (Especially if you lose your balance).

    The forest is a lovely place to be; it allows you to regenerate your inner being.

    Since the forest is one of your favourite places, have you ever tried writing a chapter for your book there?

    Do enjoy the rest of your day, Sara.

    • Haha well I trust myself. You only do these things when you have the confidence.
      Yes forest walks are the best. 🀩 Funny enough I tried it and didn’t like it. I guess I like writing better at a desk and to keep it separate from my nature walks/other parts of my life. I appreciate the suggestion though.
      Thank you so much and hope you enjoy the rest of your day, too! 🌞

  2. I loved those pictures, especially the first one with you balancing on the rocks. I’ve always enjoyed walking on the rocks on the seaside, I would like to do it now.
    Have a nice day!

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