5 Things To Consider Before Dying Your Hair Blonde

Getting a new hair colour can be a game changer – it can refresh your look and give you a boost of confidence. I’m personally drawn to blonde hair as I feel the most like “me” than any other colour (Purple and red are runners up though!).

While blonde is a fun colour, there’s some things to consider before taking the dive into a world of bleach, toners, and purple shampoo.

#1 The price

Some salons are more affordable than others, but for a full bleach and tone, the new colour will run you $150 minimum. If you opt for a balayage style, this can cost from $300-$500 depending on the salon. While it’s not cheap to go blonde, it’s your best bet to see a professional as many people damage (or even ruin their hair) by trying to go blonde at home. For me, it’s well worth the cost.

#2 Going balayage will save your hair and your wallet

While balayage is pricier than a full bleach up front (It’s basically painting the hair by section which can take 2-3 hours), it’s a lot less damaging, because it’s only treating some strands of the hair and it’s not touching the scalp. Stylists will leave some shadowing at the roots so you can grow out the style for months at a time without having to worry about touch-ups. You need to only go for touch ups every 3 months (or longer) with a balayage. If you do an all over bleach, you’ll need to touch up the roots every 6 weeks which can add up price-wise (And it’s more damaging for your hair to get it all dyed at once).

#3 Opt for an Olaplex treatment to save your hair

Olaplex is a “miracle” product many people use when they go blonde. It’s a bond builder which helps strengthen and repair the hair after bleaching. If you opt for Olaplex during your bleaching session, your stylist will add it into the bleach as well as give you a mask treatment afterwards. It’s a great way to reduce the damage and repair your hair. You can also buy a take home treatment (No.3 is the most popular type) to help keep your hair healthy looking.

#4 Purple shampoo is your new best friend

In order to keep your blonde colour looking fresh and bright, you’ll want to use a high pigment purple shampoo. The purple will cancel out any brassiness (It’s opposite to yellow on the colour wheel).

#5 Don’t dye at home unless you’re a professional hair stylist

Unless you know what you’re doing, please don’t bleach your own hair at home. What usually ends up happening is the colour turns out uneven or in worse cases the hair gets damaged or falls out. You may end up spending more money for a colour correction service at a salon after, so it’s honestly so much easier if you just go to the salon for the first time.


I hope you found this helpful! Blonde hair is a fun colour and while I’m a pretty price-conscious person, this is where I’ll splurge. 😛 If you choose to go blonde, I hope you enjoy it! Cheers. ❤