20 Solo Date Ideas

Nothing gets you in tune with self-love like taking yourself on a solo date. ❤️ Anyone can do this, but especially for people who want to take a breather from the dating world, here’s some ideas for dating yourself.

#1 Treat yourself to a spa day (At home or at a spa) – Hair masks, face masks, massages, facials, manis or pedis, anything that makes you feel good 🙂

#2 Romanticize a trip to an art gallery or museum (Dress up, create a lovely playlist beforehand, visit a café on the way, etc.)

#3 Visit your favourite restaurant and order a delicious meal

#4 Visit a new café and order a decadent drink

#5 Make yourself a scrumptious meal

#6 Have a chill beach day

#7 Get a massage

#8 Buy yourself an amazing new outfit – complete with new shoes

#9 Take a day trip somewhere

#10 Buy yourself flowers

#11 Watch a movie by yourself

#12 Try a new hobby

#13 Go on a nature walk

#14 Explore a new part of the city (And listen to some great music while doing it)

#15 Read a new book

#16 Dress up and have a glass of wine at a cool bar

#17 Attend a new workshop or an event

#18 Buy a new beauty product you’ve always wanted to try

#19 Binge on a show you love to watch

#20 Get dolled up and take some new Instagram photos (I find this so relaxing!)

I hope you enjoyed these ideas. 🙂 Happy solo dating! ❤


  1. I remember when I took myself on a solo date to the local art gallery and then to a cafe afterwards.. ❤️ I really should do that again, I think 😊

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