Blog Post Compilation For Indie Authors

I thought it might be helpful to include all of my indie author-related blog posts in one place, especially for people who are new to self-publishing or who’d like some encouragement. You’re welcome to bookmark this and come back to it later if you like. ❤

8 Things Indie Authors Love

7 Reasons Why You Should Market Your Book Guilt Free

Self-Publishing vs. Traditional Publishing vs. Hybrid Publishing

How To Self-Publish A Book On A Budget

Some Encouragement For New Indie Authors

My Stages Of Being An Indie Author

5 Reasons Why It’s Fun Being An Indie Author

An Indie Author Answers Google Questions About Self-Publishing

How I’ve Managed To Publish Books While Writing Full-Time

Is Self-Publishing Work Or A Hobby?

5 Tricky Things About Self-Publishing

Do I Have Any Regrets About Self-Publishing?

5 Things That Happen When You Become An Indie Author

6 Things I Didn’t Know About Self-Publishing When I Started

6 Things I Didn’t Know About Self-Publishing When I Started (Pt.2)

6 Reasons To Be An Indie Author

13 Things I’ve Learned As An Indie Author

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing this,Sarah. I have read a few and bookmarked the rest. I’ve been so confused about how to go about it and your posts gave me clarity. Thank you!

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