Book Review: What Now?

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Amazing, epic, heart wrenching, beautiful

I read this amazing book from start to finish in one sitting. Each poem keeps you glued to the page and I love Tongue’s style. I really felt a lot of the darkness and struggle in some of his passages and I related to some of his references to a certain community on Twitter.

I appreciate his honesty in all of his poetry books and he never holds back creatively, expressing the mood and emotions he wants to in such a bold way. I really enjoyed his passages about love and about being yourself in a world that often tells you to do differently.

I’ll definitely read this one again. Poetry is something I always like to go back to, especially when it’s by one of my favourite authors. There’s many passages I want to highlight and I’d like to frame some of them on my wall.

This is one of the passages that really stood out:

“Don’t wish you did that then
Do as you wish now.”

That’s truth right there. Please keep writing, Dean Tongue!

My rating: 5/5 stars

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