Analyzing My Most Reviewed Book On Amazon

Marie, a psychological thriller, is my most reviewed book on Amazon. I’ve noticed it’s been the most popular for sales as well and I thought it would be fun to give my two cents as to why it’s this way.

Marie has 15 reviews (Not a huge number, but for an indie author who has a $0 marketing budget, I think that’s pretty good). I published Marie in January of 2020 so this averages 7 reviews per year.

Why do I think more people have read and reviewed this book over others? I think it’s about the cover and the story description. The cover design is stylish, has a female lead, and is modern. Funny enough it’s not a very expensive cover, but it has all the elements to make someone want to read it. It’s got that thriller novel quality with some sexiness added to the mix. After the book cover, people tend to read the story description next. The description for Marie is short and quickly paced. You get a taste of what you’ll be getting into once you start reading.

I also think I released Marie during a time where people are fascinated by female villains/killers. We get a lot of female heroes, even super heroes, but not very many genuine “bad guys” who are women. There’s also a hint of a redemption story in the mix. I’m flattered that people find this story arc intriguing, because I certainly did enough to write about it!

I also think it’s interesting that most of my readers over the years have been men (I’d guesstimate around 80% of them are male), but for Marie my readership has been more of a split down the middle. Both men and women seem drawn to the story.

What will I do with this information? I’m going to take a look at the descriptions of my other stories and see if I could brush them up a little. Perhaps they’re too long-winded or not enticing enough. It goes to show that a great combination of a story’s cover and description will get more people reading your book. While it’s not everything (Marketing plays a bigger role), it’s definitely a big part of the book sale mix.

On that note, if you’ve read Marie, here’s the playlist I listened to while writing her story! You might enjoy it. 😉

If you’re interested in learning a little more about Marie, here’s a post I wrote about the making of her character. Check it out here!

A close second to Marie is my novella The Pup & The Pianist. This cover also gets a lot of compliments and I think people love the idea of a seafaring novella about two enemies becoming friends. The Pup & The Pianist has 11 reviews which is pretty cool. Again, not a huge number, but a good one for an indie author who only markets her books on social media. 😛 I noticed more men pick this one, but I’d love to hear what women think of it, too!

I hope you enjoyed my little book analysis today.

If you’re curious to check out Marie or The Pup & The Pianist, they’re both only $2.99 on Kindle. You can click on the titles of each and it will direct you to their Amazon buy page. Thanks so much for reading!

Do you have any books that have done particularly well on Amazon?


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    • Omg no way! Thank you so much. :,) I really hope you enjoy it. She’s a handful that one. lol I’m very honoured that you bought the paperback. Have a fabulous day and hopefully you’ll get to see some sun soon. ❤

      • I have some ebooks but it’s nothing like the actual book. Is it weird that I love the smell of books 😂. Whenever I have the chance, I’m purchasing the book over an ebook. You’re welcome! I try to support when I can.

      • No that’s no weird at all it’s really lovely. There’s nothing like having a physical copy of a book. 🙂 It feels so cozy and it’s more special, really. Your support means a lot. You made my day. Thank you! Xx

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