Playlist For The Pup & The Pianist

My seafaring novella, The Pup & The Pianist, is only 99 cents until this weekend! Now’s your chance to give it a read if you haven’t already. You can buy it here if you’re interested! ❀

Without further ado, here’s a playlist of the songs I was listening to while writing this story of two young enemies who become friends.

Spoken – Through It All

Sarah Blasko – Spanish Ladies

Haste The Day – Walls And Fear

The Birthday Massacre – One

The Dead South – He’ll Be In Good Company

The Birthday Massacre – No Tomorrow

Dropkick Murphy’s – Rose Tattoo


Thanks so much for checking out my blog today! Whether you read my book or not, I hope you found this list inspiring, or at least fun! πŸ™‚


  1. Nice songs and pretty neat idea. It is the first time I see a playlist for writing a book. I used to be a software engineer and sometimes I listened to music while coding but I got distracted. However, another guy in my group did his best work while listening to music. If it works it’s great.

  2. Love it! Some great choices for a nautical novel and I’m slightly addicted to that song by The Dead South. I’m tempted to make a playlist for my own novel now…

  3. Nice playlist, and congratulations on your novella! I find I normally can’t write to anything with lyrics I understand, but during the brainstorming/composting/non-writing parts of writing I often find there’s a playlist of songs for each project that informs the style and emotional beats I’m going for.

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