August Wrap Up

It’s been another great month for blogging! I appreciate everyone who’s tuned in and left likes or comments. It makes my day knowing people are enjoying what I write about. 🙂

Fellow blogger, William, from Harmony Books & Films kindly mentioned my book, Marie, on his blog. Thank you again, William, for your support of my books! If you’re not currently following his blog, you ought to check it out and give him a follow. He recommends music, films, books, and other goodies on his blog and he is an author himself!

I was able to reach most of my goals for this month as well! It’s been a great balance of work, blogging, nature walks, fitness, and relaxation. I will certainly carry this month’s goals into next month as well.

I was able to finish up a book called Living In My Head Rent Free, a non-fiction book, and I’ve left a review on Goodreads and Amazon for it. It was a great think piece as I don’t normally read non-fiction. I’ve been sticking with my goal to read slower and not rush through books anymore.

There’s some exciting things ahead on my blog for September, but I won’t ruin any surprises. 😛 I hope everyone had a nice August! Thanks for stopping by today.