Why Having A Strong Core Is Important & How To Get One

Having a strong core is a big building block of living a happy and healthy life. I’m not referring to defined 6-pack muscles (We all have abs, but not everyone’s will be visible since they rest beneath the fatty layer on our stomach). I’m talking about having strong abdominal muscles. A weak core is linked to having poor posture and low back pain combined with less energy due to the pain it can cause.

So what are the benefits of having strong abdominal muscles?

Better balance and stability – A strong core helps you achieve better balance. Whether you’re an athlete or just moderately active, it’s helpful to have balance. It also means that when you do workout or stretch, you’ll be able to hold certain positions for longer. (A real world example of this is I like to walk on fallen trees in the forest – having good balance helps me enjoy this activity without falling :P)

Good Posture – A strong core helps you sit up and stand straighter, which helps us appear more confident. Poor posture can lead to back pain, so keeping a good posture can reduce a lot of back-related issues.

Prevents Back Pain – As you may have already guessed, a strong core means a strong lower back. A lot of lower back pain is due to the fact that the core isn’t being engaged – a weak core means that the lower back is compensating for a lot of movements, which can put a lot of pressure on it. A of of sciatica issues are caused by a weak core – strengthening the abs can help alleviate a lot of back pain.

More Defined Abs – Once you’ve built up a strong core, you can target the superficial ab muscles easier if you want to have more of a defined look. I’m not talking about ripped abs (It’s easier for some people to get this than others). That doesn’t mean it’s wrong to want to have a more defined midsection. Building a strong core so you can focus on ab-targeting exercises can help your stomach look more toned and tight.

Best Exercises For A Strong Core

I’ve chosen these exercises for their functionality. I’m not saying these will get you super defined abs, but they will help you get a stronger core (and reduced back pain as a result!). As I always say, fitness should always be about health first and foremost!

#1 Abs Warmup (Warming up the muscles before a workout is always best)

#2 7 Minute Core Workout

#3 10 minute beginner abs

Disclaimer: I’m not a medical professional, so this is knowledge I have obtained by talking to fitness trainers, doctors, and chiropractors over the years. If you have a particular back or spinal condition, please consult your doctor before doing any of these workouts. I want you to be safe and ensure you’re doing exercises that are right for you.

I hope you enjoyed this post today! If you try any of these workouts, I hope you enjoy them! Try not to get discouraged if they’re hard at first – as you get stronger, they will become easier. Have a lovely day!


  1. Great post. I have always had the “cage” in my abs but never the full sixer, but core is done in every one of my workouts in some fashion or another. Highly important.

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