What I Do To Make 3+ Book Sales Per Month

If you’re reading this, especially as an author, you might think “Why is she talking about how low her sales are?” or “3 sales/month sounds pretty sad”. Hear me out – I make 3-5 book sales on Amazon per month consistently. In my mind, this is better than making 0 sales/month for half the year then suddenly making 10 sales/month for the remainder of the year. Making sales consistently means you’re being read. And even if you can’t buy a lot of things from your book royalties, you can view each sale as a “tip” from a kind reader.

5 sales/month means 60 reads/year (Or 300 reads over 5 years) and some of those people will share, review, or recommend the story to their friends/social media followers – so the number is likely to be higher than that over time.

Without further ado, here’s what I do to make some book sales!

I post about my books on Twitter (This is the top way I’ve sold books for the last 10 years)



3rd batch:

It’s simple little tweets like this that have helped me make sales over the years. I’m grateful to Twitter readers for being so kind and open to an author sharing their work on the platform.

Another way I’ve made sales is by sharing my books on WordPress from time to time. Recently, two kind bloggers have bought my book Marie in print! I’m very appreciative of their kindness and support.

I also post pictures of my print books on Instagram which can yield a sale sometimes.

I took this pic in my last apartment. :,)
This pic was taken kindly by one of my cousins 🙂

I couldn’t make any sales without willing readers. I want to thank all of you for checking out my blog, for reading the stories I’ve shared here, and for buying my books when you can. It means the world. ❤

How have you made most of your book sales? Can you relate to doing most of your marketing on Twitter/blogging?


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