How To Help Your Blog Take Off

If you’re new to blogging or want to take your blog to the next level, there’s some tried and true things that can help you get there. Whether you’re trying to build more of an audience for your book/business/art, or you want to make money from blogging, there’s several things you can do to help it grow.

I’ve been able to grow my blog following from 350 followers to over 1,000 followers in just one year – and it’s still growing. Let me tell you how I did it!


I’d say the best way to grow your blog is to engage with other bloggers. Read other people’s blogs, comment on their posts, follow people who post content you enjoy, and always respond to people who comment on your posts. Some people simply post content and barely interact with others then wonder why their blog isn’t growing. You definitely need to actively network with others not just to build your blog, but to make new friends and have a wonderful support network. WordPress is a friendly place. So don’t be shy when it comes to reaching out to other people. It’s not all about building a bigger following – it’s also about having an enriching blogging experience along the way.

Write Quality Content.

Aside from actively engaging with people here, it’s also important to write quality content that gives back to your followers. You want people to keep returning to find out what you’ll be writing about next. Your writing skill will improve over time, especially as you figure out your blog’s niche and which direction you want to take it in.

Be Authentic.

People respond to authenticity. Whoever you are, be that. When you’re trying to be someone else, or if there’s a disconnect between who you are and who you say you are, many people will sense something is off. Blogging is a wonderful platform to share your voice and passions. The right people will be interested in what you have to say and respond to it.

Schedule Blog Posts.

One big secret of frequent bloggers is that they schedule their posts ahead of time. Instead of writing one new post each day, they’ll write a couple all in one sitting when they’re feeling inspired then schedule them ahead of time. You don’t need to do this, but I’ve found it’s a lot easier to manage when you know you’ve got a few posts set for the week ahead.

Post regularly.

You don’t need to post everyday (This is too often for most people), but you do need to be consistent if you care about growing your blog. Whether it’s twice per week or four times per week, sticking to a schedule will establish a pattern that your followers can rely on. You can try experimenting with different frequencies to see what works best for you and your followers.

Thank you so much for reading today!


  1. Great post Sara. I’m taking all of these suggestions to heart as I am newly trying to grow my blog. I love the tip about scheduling posts and am going to try and incorporate that routine this fall πŸ’—

  2. This is so insightful! I’m a returning blogger and one thing I struggle with is routine. Now I’m starting university (psychology) I hope this means I will find a schedule.

  3. I love these tips. I’m new also, started about two months ago, though I don’t have a domain yet and I was wondering, is it because I’m on a free domain that I barely have views, or is there something I’m missing?

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