September Self-Care Goals

photo by Jure Siric

There’s two types of people – those who think that the month’s half over after the 15th and those who see that there’s still alot of time to enjoy a month with two weeks left. As I have now wound down working extra hours at a second job, I have more time to enjoy the beautiful transition from late summer to early fall.

Here are my goals for the rest of the month:

* Read my new hardcover book (Given to me as a donation from one of the rooms I was cleaning at work). There’s always something cozy about finding a random book in a cottagey setting. My current home is in an alpine area so I’m excited about starting it tonight.

* Try a new face mask every week to see which brand works best for me.

* Get a day pass to different gyms in the area to see which one I like more.

* Go for a walk every evening at dusk. (Now that my pms is done my energy is returning)

* Look for unique photography opportunities where I don’t usually see them

* Make time to take a new selfie (As silly as it sounds, I find taking self-portraits to be relaxing, meditative, and fun. There’s obviously some negatives if it becomes an addiction, but when you treat it as a hobby it can be really fun).

* Organize my current wardrobe to see what I’ll need for fall

* Cook at home unless I have an outing planned that involves dinner out

* Stretch every night before bed (I was good at doing this for awhile but have gotten out of the habit.)

Have a great day all!


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