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I thought it would be fun to share a survey that authors can do and answer them myself as well! I hope you enjoy reading my responses – and if you decide to take the survey yourself, please let me know! You’re welcome to copy and paste the questions in your own blog post. I’d love to see it!

Without further ado, here’s the survey. ❤

2022 Fun Author Survey

Which book was most fun for you to write? The Broken & The Foolish hands down!

How many books have you published? 16

If you could represent your book(s) with one song, what would it be?

By The SwordFight Inside by Red

The Red Coat & The Red HeadUmbrella (Skeler Remix)

Eve & AdamMiracle Cure by Seawolf

She & The Wolf Shades of Cool by Lana Del Rey

The SuicidesSo Long by Three Days Grace

The Broken & The Foolish Absolution by The Pretty Reckless

SallyInsane by Korn

The Pup & The PianistOne by The Birthday Massacre

A Season To FightUnsainted by Slipknot

A Seahag’s SongHere 4 U by Alison Wonderland

MarieBad Guy by Billie Eilish

Voice Of A StorytellerCan You Hear Me? by Korn

Shepherd GirlContorted by Rezz

Write To Survive Down With the Sickness Remix

Peasant WomanStunnin’ by Curtis Waters

InspirationBridged by a Lightwave by Deadmau5

Which one of your stories is the closest to your heart? The Pup & The Pianist

Do your characters usually represent you and your experiences, or are they their own separate entities? The vast majority of my stories are purely fictional about people who are separate entities from me and my life. Of course, you can’t help but inject some things from your own life such as things you’ve seen and heard or experiences or feelings you’ve had. I see myself as separate from my characters – I’m more of a vessel telling their story. The only exception is two characters who are based on myself in two of my later books.

What setting(s) do you write best in? Either a café or in my own room.

What genre(s) is your book(s)? I’ve written in many different genres, with many of my books fitting into several categories. As a multi-genre author, most of stories have elements of thriller, drama, historical, or fantasy.

(If you’ve written multiple books) If you had to choose only one book of yours to be published, which one would it be? The Pup & The Pianist

Use only one tagline for each book to describe them. Go!

The Red Coat & The Red Head – Two young revolutionaries try to escape a raging war together.

Eve & Adam – A whimsical tale of two freethinkers that is both uplifting and sad.

She & The Wolf – A collection of poems and short stories that will send chills down your spine.

The Suicides – A sunny harbour town isn’t as happy as it seems – and Alfred is there to find out why.

The Broken & The Foolish – A young woman escapes her abusive saloon boss and chases the outlaw life.

Sally – A stormy coming of age outlaw tale.

The Pup & The Pianist – Two young enemies must work together to survive on a mysterious island.

A Season To Fight – Six young people must fight to survive the war while doing their part to make a difference.

A Seahag’s Song – A seahag is obsessively jealous of a young land woman, but is there more to it than this?

Marie – This story is a portrait of a young psychopathic woman who starts to feel guilt.

Voice Of A Storyteller – Two creative souls collide – one operates in love while the other operates in hate – who is the strongest?

Shepherd Girl – A young shepherd woman survives the harsh life of ancient Israel while never losing her love of life.

Write To Survive – This Gothic tale of a wandering princess is told in poetic form.

Peasant Woman – This is a fairytale re-telling you didn’t know you needed.

Inspiration – A rave in a story.

Do you write what you know or write what you love?

I could only write stories of ideas I love.

Which book do you want to be made into a movie?

I could see The Pup & The Pianist making a great graphic novel or anime and The Broken & The Foolish being a cult classic. In all honesty, I’d love to see all of them on film.

What was the first book you published? By The Sword (2012)

What was the last book you published? Inspiration (2022)


Thanks so much for checking me out today! 🙂 Let me know if you do this survey.


  1. It is so inspiring to know that you have published 16 books! I loved reading the taglines for each- there are so many that sound intriguing. I may have to add one of these to my fall reading list 🙂

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