DJs Are Artists, Too

Photo by Inga Seliverstova

Apashe is a DJ who has an appreciation for classical music. His songs ends up being an epic mix of trap/EDM and beautiful instrumental music. The way he performs live and in music videos is very cinematic and theatrical. He really shows how artistic DJs can be. Never Change is a perfect example of his brilliance.

Alison Wonderland is another amazing DJ who was once a classical music major who turned into a DJ. While instrumentals aren’t usually placed in her music, there are a few songs with lovely violins/violas, such as in Peace. I really loved this live version she did because there are people who are playing the string instruments live on set – I watched a behind the scenes film about Alison and how she was really nervous about that song, because it meant a lot to her and she was worried people wouldn’t care or wouldn’t receive it well – the crowd ended up loving it and she got to perform something really meaningful for her. She’s a great artist!

Black Tiger Sex Machine are a trio who loved mixing dramatic opera and instrumental tunes in with their EDM tracks. They have often said they hope to write music for film soundtracks – they would do an amazing job at this! I had the privilege of seeing them live a few years ago and it was amazing. The bass was out of this world at that show!

Rezz is one of my favourite DJs – inspired by house music and dubstep, her sound gives a cyberpunk/haunted house type of vibe. I had the privilege of seeing both her and Deadmau5 live and both shows were amazing. I find Rezz’s music particularly inspiring – I have written to a lot of her songs for my later stories (Artists inspiring artists, a wonderful cycle). I particularly love her tracks that feature female singers. They always have such a deep, dark vibe. The work that must go into producing such great sounding songs shows how artistic DJs like Rezz really are.

There are many other talented DJs out there. These are the four who really impress me currently. I hope you enjoyed this post today – and perhaps gave these songs a listen.

Do you have any favourite DJs?


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