What It’s Like Living In Downtown Vancouver

I’ve had the amazing opportunity to live in downtown Vancouver three times. While I haven’t had a chance to live in any of the high rise apartments, I have been able to live out my dream to live in the heart of the city. I also always wanted to live in Gastown, so it felt amazing when I was able to find an affordable apartment there. Before Gastown, I lived in two different micro suites on Main Street. The places I was in on Main Street were really close to Gastown as well.

I enjoyed all three experiences because I’m at my best when I have my own place (No roommates), though my absolute favourite was the first place I got on Main Street. It was such a beautiful renovated little condo for only $400/month and two bright windows. I had everything set up beautifully and just the way I wanted it. Being centrally located, I could get pretty much anywhere I wanted within 10-30 minutes either by walking or transiting. I only had to take one bus to get a favourite Lynn Valley hike.

My ideal room – a big window, neutral colours with black accents, and a cool piece of art on the wall. I was so happy with this room! ❤
Gastown cafe
I was so comfy in my first Main St. unit that I even got a little plant 🙂 (Loved that window, too!)

Gastown ❤

I loved the convenience of living downtown – I walked pretty much everywhere and English Bay was so much closer. There’s a lot of amazing waterfront type of views in Vancouver – from False Creek, Crab Park, English Bay, Stanley Park seawall, etc. It really is the dream if you love Vancouver and all it has to offer. You will never be in shortage of cafes, restaurants, nightlife, live music, and scenic views. It was really cool being able to walk home after a concert without having to take a bus or cab back. In Burnaby I’d have to cab it or take an hour long night bus to get home.

I’ve been extremely blessed to be able to live in the city of my dreams and try out different areas. It certainly took a lot of dedication to make it to Vancouver and that’s a big reason why I never took anything for granted there. It’s a special place – I’ve been to many areas in this life and to me it’s the best spot in the world. ❤


  1. I’ve never been to Vancouver but I’ve heard it is beautiful. I would like to visit one day. Our Leonberger was from that area, a small town nearby Vancouver, where the breeder still lives. She is probably the most prominent Leonberger breeder in North America. I believe that, Whistler, the ski resort is not far from Vancouver. Our daughter went there to ski and she said it was gorgeous. Three prominent ice hockey players from the north Swedish town where I grew up, Örnsköldsvik, played for Vancouver Canucks, the Sedin twins, Henrik and Daniel Sedin, and Markus Näslund, the former captain. Anyway, enough rant, I find Vancouver an interesting place (I’ve never been to). I am glad you like it.

    • Yes Whistler is just 2 hours away from Vancouver. 🙂 That’s so cool your dog’s breeder was from the area, too! It was always a dream of mine to live there and it was simply amazing to live it out for years.

  2. Looks amazing!!! That’s awesome you’re living were you desire to be and it’s bringing you the happiness you deserve!!!!

  3. I have yet to explore much of Vancouver and keep meaning to plan a trip there from the island- maybe this winter to see Capilano Suspension Bridge Park and to visit the Christmas Market!

    • Oh yes those are very worthwhile visits! 🙂 The island is lovely, too, though. It’s great being in this area as there’s so many amazing places to see and experience. I think it would be really nice to go to Capilano Bridge in the dark because they have all these amazing lights set up for it.

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