30 Author Blog Post Ideas

Celebrate your author-versary (It can be the date you first started writing, published your first book, or simply celebrate being a writer for however many years you’ve been at it!)

Host a book-related giveaway to thank your readers and followers

Promote your book on its birthday (On the date it was published)

Post a book excerpt to entice readers to buy it

Run a book sale and let your readers know

Write a book review for a fellow author

Talk about your writing process

Confess what it’s like to be an indie author

Write some helpful author-related tips

Post some book marketing ideas/tips

Talk about your future goals as an author

Spotlight a character from your book

Tell people what inspires you to write

Post writing playlists

Highlight your favourite parts of being an author

Talk about some challenges authors face

Offer some insight on the book publishing process

Create a funny post about writing I.e. You know you’re a writer when …

Tell your followers about your other hobbies or interests

Make a list of book-related gift ideas

Talk about your current work in progress

Share your writing routine

Write about your influences as an author

Talk about writer self-care ideas

Do a feature on your book cover designer(s) or editor(s)

Create a character interview from one of your books

Interview another author and host them on your blog

Discuss what you found from your writing-related research (I.e. A time period your book is set in, how mental health was treated back then, fashion influences of the era, culture of people in your book, etc.)

Make a list of how to celebrate publishing your book

Share some creative social media post ideas for authors


  1. Well written post Sara. I love it and you are a good writer by the way. I agree with all 30 blog post tips for an author anniversary. I think I have to run a book sale such as an e-book and let readers know where to purchase it and also share a link to access it online.

    Also, I love writing about tips and writing journeys, I started my writing 2020, my first blog was called ‘Dandy Icons Eswatini’, after writing it I saw how amazing it is to write a blog post so I got committed and went forth to write more , now I write and give tips to men who need help dressing better since I one hundred percent love fashion & style , the goal is to have my own clothing brand and store as well as create effective marketing campaigns that will boost my brand such as social media strategy plans😊👏

    • Wow thank you so much! I’m glad you liked this post and it’s awesome that you have enjoyed your writing journey for men’s fashion and that you may create your own fashion line. That sounds like it will be incredibly rewarding and fun for you! 🙂

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