About Slow Living

Introduction To Slow Living

Slow living has become more popular since the pandemic. When everyone was stuck at home, many realized what really mattered to them. Some people took up new projects or hobbies, others desired a more simple homey life after realizing working from home was something they enjoyed. Maybe others noticed how burnt out they were and were grateful for the break. Slow living is basically the opposite of hustle culture. Living the slower life isn’t just an aesthetic and it doesn’t mean you’ll be floating an inch off the ground like an ethereal princess carrying a bouquet of flowers (sorry I had to!), it basically means you live more intentionally and enjoy the simpler things in life. It rejects the concept that faster and newer is always best.

Slow Living vs. Hustle Culture

Working long hours (or always working and being busy) has been glorified on social media for a while now. While there’s nothing wrong with working hard nor is it bad to work extra hours if you’re saving up for something, people shouldn’t feel that they have to always be hustling. Yes, it’s great to have things to do. We also need time to enjoy what really matters in life – taking time to connect with people in our circle, our hobbies, ourselves. Because life is happening right now, so if all we care about is working and getting ahead, we may miss out on some amazing experiences and moments.

What Are Some Examples Of Slow Living?

* Savouring the moments and minutes rather than counting them (or being so busy you don’t notice the time passing by)

* Finding a pace/rhythm that works well for you and keeping it consistent

* Caring more about well-being than always having to be busy

* Focusing on balance

* Appreciating simpler things in life and being happy with what you already have

* Realizing more and newer isn’t always better

* Acknowledging that happiness comes from within

* People, animals, and things aren’t disposable, but should be treated with care

* There are enough hours in the day if you manage it reasonably and consciously

* Health matters more than wealth

* Work, career, and saving money is important but it isn’t everything

* Tasks don’t need to be done as fast as possible – you can take your time if you want to

* Do more of what you really enjoy rather than try pleasing the crowds

What Is Slow Living To Me?

I’d say I’ve adopted the simple life for the past several years. While it wasn’t intentional, I just happened to settle into that lifestyle because I’m a creative writer who enjoys solo nature walks more than parties and gatherings. While I do enjoy going to an event once in a while and hanging out with the right people, I’ve found the routine I have is working well for me and I don’t feel the need to add much “more”. I’ve felt a great sense of contentment focusing more on fitness, creating, reading, nature, and maintaining the connections I’ve made with people I’ve already met.

I really felt the meaning of a quote I read several years ago. It goes like this:

“How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives.” – Annie Dillard

I think this quote really sums up the idea of slow/simple living. Of course, hard work is important and our jobs/careers are what allow us to live comfortably and obtain some of the things we want. Slow living doesn’t mean stop caring about work, but it means we should care more about having a healthy work-life balance. Once work is over it’s okay to take a leisurely walk at sunset or a bubble bath or immerse yourself in a delicious meal with nothing else planned for the evening.

Of course, some people thrive off of being busy and taking on new challenges and if that’s what really makes you happy, go for it. The hustling lifestyle doesn’t work for everyone so it’s important to realize we don’t need to be a hustler or a business owner to be a great person and worthy of people’s time. If you are those things, great! If you aren’t, also great!

I’ve noticed the things I look forward to the most are the simple things – a hearty breakfast on my day off where I can sit and enjoy it with nothing else important to do after, a nature walk at sunset or in the rain, reading a good book, going on a chill date with a guy I really like, checking out a new movie, blogging, a fun workout, or creating something new. I also think working somewhere you enjoy being at is important for living a more balanced life. You want a job that you don’t dread going to in the morning.

For example, I find housekeeping to be a really great job for myself. As an introvert I love being able to work independently in a room and I also enjoy being a part of making the hotel nice for a guest who will be staying there. There’s a lot of care that goes into that job in addition to the work. It’s not perfect, but it works well for me and I can walk home feeling genuinely happy after. It’s so important to feel that way in your day to day life. No amount of money is worth getting burnt out and rundown for.


Thank you so much for reading today. ❤


Do you like slow living? Is it something you’re already doing or want to try? What does it mean to you?


  1. I completely agree with all the examples you have provided. Really Great post 🙏 That is what we need to do to make our lives good..Thanks for share ☺️

  2. I got my first job when I was 13 and for most of my life since then I was working hard, school, degrees, engineering firms, then I took early retirement from Siemens. No schedule, no late projects, no working weekends for no extra compensation. I started to focus on my family and dogs, learning French, volunteering, writing beer reviews, writing a book about one of my dogs, a very interesting one, started blogging, reading several books per month, which I enjoy, etc. We work all our lives and then only focus on our hobbies and enjoying life at the end, and many of us never get there. I got into robotics when I was young exactly so that future generations would be able to work less and enjoy life more. It turns out, higher productivity does not matter as much making a personal choice when it is about slowing down. Decide to work less, have less, enjoy more. It’s also good for the environment.

  3. COVID sucks. But what COVID did is make people slow down and focus on important things and priorities. It also meant taking care of stuff that needs caring for. I wish all that would have stuck.

  4. Amazing, spectacular, well written and glorious blog Sara. I have to say this is the best blog post I have read from you this October so far. I love how real and simple this blog is, It makes me to take a step back and realize the simpler things in life that are needed for living such as connecting with family, friends and other people, not working too much, being healthy and other examples you mentioned here. Living a slow life is also key because in today’s busy space and planet where a lot is going on such as social media and working plus adjusting to the new norm can be hard for some thus appreciating the little things such as air, life and food is important as well. A well written blog once again, there is a lot that I have learnt here and I want to practice it in my life😊🙏🙏

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