When The Rains Come

credit: veeterzy from pexels.com

I moved to the west coast of Canada in large part because it rains here a lot. Even as a child I preferred cloudy days over sunny days. It’s not that I dislike the sun – we all need it. I just feel my mood lift and inspiration rise when it rains. Funny enough, it doesn’t rain quite as much as people claim it does in Vancouver, B.C. The summers are often very dry and sunny. Sometimes it doesn’t really start raining until late October, giving residents here plenty of sunshine. Where most parts of Canada get snow, Vancouver and the surrounding area gets rain. I truly love this climate.

I enjoy rainy walks in the forest. There are less people on the trails for one thing and the air is filled with the earthy scent I love so much. Mists wrap themselves around the trees and mountains and everything looks prettier. It’s like the sun fills in for inspiration and asks for all the attention, but rain allows you to reflect inward and focus on your creativity.

I realize some people feel their mood drop when it rains. That is how I feel when there’s too much sun. I think the ideal would be a few days of rain and a few days of sun – a great balance of the two. However, if I had to choose between weeks of sun or weeks of rain, I’d choose the rain every time.

I’m so happy the rainy season is here in the Pacific Northwest! The forests truly become a wonderland. ❀


  1. I love the way you talked about balancing yes balance is needed to keep the earth’s biogeochemical balance.✨😊 Well, I enjoy bathing and playing volleyball under the rain😁.nice post ✨

  2. Aha, enjoy the rain.
    Rain brings different effects on different people. Foodies love this season, and people who loves to travel also love this. Some people however hates it, as it makes them gloomy (for unknown reason).

  3. Really nice post. I definitely love the winter months there’s just something about getting in from the cold and getting cosy with good old central heating( Providing the Boiler is Working) LOL

  4. Wow Sara😊 I enjoyed reading this blog and you write awesome content as always. I am glad you moved to the Pacific because it has the weather that you love which is rain. I agree that there must be a few days of sun and a few days of rain, it is indeed a great balance. I prefer the sun for inspiration, I write better when the weather gets hot but not too hot, a mild to warm is just fine. πŸ™

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