Being An ‘Ideas’ Person

Being an ideas person is amazing. Though it can be overwhelming at times when we’re younger, as time goes on we learn how to organize, manage, and prioritize those different cool ideas we have. Whether they’re story ideas, concepts for art/photography/film, music tunes, travel, or lifestyle changes, it’s like there’s a never ending reservoir of inspiration to do something or create something.

We all have our strengths and weaknesses. Ideas people may sometimes lose focus and get lost in a bunch of unfinished projects, but at their best they know how to put their dreams to action. They’re usually never bored, because their mind is always spinning with new things to do and they’re happiest when they’re being productive.

As an ideas person, it was only natural I’d come up with a lot of story ideas. That’s evolved into a passion for others things as well like photography, yummy recipes, and blogging. There’s nothing like seeing things come to fruition. We may seem spacey or day dreamy at times, but in the end we focus on the projects that really matter to us so we can see them materialize into something concrete.

It’s amazing being an ideas person. (I figured anyone who’s blogging could relate to this one!)


  1. I do get ideas a lot.
    I generally write them, sometimes I am not able to if it’s impossible for me to write.
    But, yes 98% of my blogs are based on the random ideas

  2. I love being a writer, and ideas are part of that. Writing on a blog is different to writing a novel because they always happen out of nowhere, depending on the prompt.

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