I Raised The Price Of My E-Books. Here’s What Happened.

Why I Raised The Price Of My E-Books

I’ve priced my e-books at $2.99 for the last several years. The reason for this is that it’s been shown through studies and through my own experience that (most) indie authors sell more books when they are priced at $2.99. The idea behind this is that it’s not so cheap that a reader will think it’s low quality, but it’s also not so pricey that no one will buy it.

I decided to boost the price of all my e-books to $4.99 for two reasons.

#1 I’ve now been an indie author for over 10 years and I think my work deserves to sell at a reasonable price that’s a little more than the usual $2.99 e-book price.

#2 I wanted to see what would happen out of curiosity. As an indie author, it can take some trial and error to figure out what the best pricing is for your books to gain more readers.

What Happened When I Raised My E-Book Prices To $4.99?

The great news is that my sales actually didn’t go down. They remained consistent. However, the type of sales have interestingly changed!

#1 I’ve sold more print books since raising the price of my e-books

#2 I’ve had more sales through Kindle Unlimited since raising the price of my e-books

#3 I still make regular e-book sales on Kindle, but less than before


In my situation, I have been able to sell just as many books with a raised e-book price, but I am selling more print books and e-books through Kindle Unlimited. I think this makes sense. If an e-book isn’t as cheap, some readers might prefer to buy the print book and get the whole reading experience. Perhaps with a higher Kindle e-book price, Kindle Unlimited subscribers feel that they’re getting a great deal when they buy a book that is normally $5 more than getting it for free. I will be keeping the price of my e-books at $4.99 as I think it’s a fair price and I like the fact that more people are buying my print books. I do hope to sell more e-books through the regular Kindle price, but we’ll see what the next year brings!

Thanks so much for reading today! ❤



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