5 Simple Ways To Grow Your Blog


There are many reasons why someone would want to grow their blog. Here are some things that have helped me build a steady following.

#1 Engagement

I’d say the best way to grow your blog is to engage with other bloggers. Read other people’s blogs, comment on their posts, follow people who post content you enjoy, and always respond to people who comment on your posts. Some people simply post content and barely interact with others then wonder why their blog isn’t growing. You definitely want to be personable with others – not just so you can build your blog, but to make new friends and have a wonderful support network. WordPress is a friendly place so don’t be shy when it comes to reaching out to other people. It’s not all about building a bigger following – it’s about having an enriching blogging experience along the way.

#2 Write Quality Content.

Aside from actively engaging with people here, it’s also important to write quality content that gives back to your followers. You want people to keep returning to find out what you’ll be writing about next. Your writing skill will improve over time, especially as you figure out your blog’s niche and which direction you want to take it in.

#3 Be Authentic.

People respond to authenticity. Whoever you are, be that. When you’re trying to be someone else, or if there’s a disconnect between who you are and who you say you are, many people will sense something is off. Blogging is a wonderful platform to share your voice and passions. The right people will be interested in what you have to say and respond to it.

#4 Schedule Blog Posts.

One big secret of frequent bloggers is that they schedule their posts ahead of time. Instead of writing one new post each day, they’ll write a couple all in one sitting when they’re feeling inspired then schedule them ahead of time. You don’t need to do this, but I’ve found it’s a lot easier to manage when you know you’ve got a few posts set for the week ahead.

#5 Post regularly.

You don’t need to post everyday (This is too often for most people), but you do need to be consistent if you care about growing your blog. Whether it’s twice per week or four times per week, sticking to a schedule will establish a pattern that your followers can rely on. You can try experimenting with different frequencies to see what works best for you and your followers.

Thank you so much for reading today! Have a lovely rest of your day/evening. 🙂



  1. I think that sounds like good advice. An on-line friend of mine and an avid blogger, Alex, told me essentially the same thing so I started engaging with others and it makes a big difference.

  2. The point on authenticity is a tough one. In this culture where everyone wants to be seen and recognized, that usually boils down to having the numbers. That in turn puts pressure on people to act in a certain way or say certain things to make that happen. I just don’t see how people really always stay true to who they really are. It is something I wish for with all my heart and hats off to the person out there who are genuinely authentic. Thank you for your post.

    • Interesting thought. Thanks for commenting. 🙂 For me it’s about connecting with those who want to hear my message, and for me to hear what they have to say if it applies. I know i’m not for everyone, and I say with utmost confidence that I can only ever be authentic. Obviously, there’s things like manners and decorum people should remember when dealing with others, but other than that – what you see is what you get. People respond to authenticity and when you’re fake, most can sense that.

  3. I get what you are saying Sara and having that confidence is good. You are also right in that one has to come to terms with the fact that one cannot be the one for everyone. Thank you.☺️

  4. Amazing Knowledgeable Post you shared ,thank you so much 🙏 I’m totally agree with all the POV you suggested they are really so helpful for blog Growth. I needed this information thanks again 😊

  5. Seems we share similar philosophies about most of this. I know the bloggers I’m more likely to follow and engage with are the ones who are authentic and keep it real. We’re all flawed in some way. Don’t those make the most memorable characters in stories because we can identify with them?

    • Same here. That’s the best thing about WordPress. People are so kind and supportive here for the most part. The most memorable characters in my stories come from my head though. 😂 I separate fantasy from real life, 90% of the time anyway.

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