27 Winter Holiday Bucket List Ideas

#1 Visit a Christmas Market

#2 Enjoy some holiday-flavoured hot beverages

#3 Do some cookie baking

#4 See Christmas lights in the park/around your neighbourhood

#5 Get cozy and watch some holiday themed movies (Could be romance or horror depending on your taste!)

#6 Buy or make a candle with holiday scents

#7 Buy your Christmas gifts locally when possible

#8 Make a list of people to send holiday cards to

#9 Go to the cinema for a holiday-themed movie

#10 Take some photos of the snow/lights/stormy weather

#11 Participate in winter sports like snow shoeing, sledding, skiing, snowboarding, etc.

#12 Bundle up and go for a walk while it’s snowing

#13 Play some holiday-themed music (If that’s your thing)

#14 Decorate your home with wintery themes

#15 Treat yourself to a candy cane (or make a creative dessert with candy canes)

#16 Take some photos of your winter fashion

#17 Participate in Blogmas during December

#18 Donate to charities or help out with your time during the holiday season

#19 Create winter care packages and add them into your gifts to people

#20 Buy a book and get cozy with a hot beverage

#21 Treat yourself to comfy and warm loungewear

#22 Check out the Santa Clause parade

#23 Go see a holiday-themed play

#24 Try a holiday-themed Youtube workout

#25 Make a Gingerbread house (and please eat some of it!)

#26 Treat yourself to a hydrating face mask to moisturize your face (Winter air can be so dry)

#27 Light up your home/room with lights!

Happy almost-holiday season everyone! ❀



  1. Wow Sara what a fabulous compilation of lists and things to do in the winter holidays since the festive season is upon us. I for one would want to visit the market, drink some hot chocolate/beverage and also take pictures of my winter fashion since I adore fashionπŸ˜πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

  2. Those are good suggestions. I have a comment on a few of them.

    #2. Enjoy some holiday-flavoured hot beverages – I will drink some GlΓΆgg, a Swedish form of hot mulled wine with raisins and sometimes an addition of vodka

    #8 Make a list of people to send holiday cards to – currently doing it

    #11 Participate in winter sports like snow shoeing, sledding, skiing, snowboarding, etc. – I wish but Texas is flat and snow free

    #25 Make a Gingerbread house (and please eat some of it!) – maybe but last time our Leonberger Bronco ate it. He shared some though.

    • #2 sounds like a cool drink!
      And that’s sweet you are already in the process of sending cards. It’s such a nice feeling. πŸ™‚
      It’s funny, because I live in Vancouver, BC and it’s snow free unless you are on the mountain – though at this time of year most people can’t even ski. I was referring moreso to most of Canada and the U.S. I’ll bet you’re getting nice warm Texas weather.
      LOL oh my nautghty sweet Bronco! πŸ˜› I am sure he shared, too, as he always thought of others. I just finished reading your book about him and your other amazing dogs and I will be publishing the review soon.

      • Wow that is a nice warm day! πŸ™‚ We got some snow in Vancouver today. Funny enough I was just saying how we rarely get snow! lol
        I have scheduled the book review on my blog for next Sunday. πŸ™‚ It’s also on Goodreads and Amazon.

  3. Aahaa ,All ideas are fabulous ❀️.I love decoration ,I prefer to decorate my home /room ,after that I will go for Christmas and New year shopping ,then chill at home with some delicious food and lots of enjoyment with friends and family . ☺️ Thanks for beautiful mindset .πŸ€—πŸ™I hope you too enjoy allod them.

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