My Thoughts On Being A Content Creator


I think it’s reasonable to say I’m a content creator. I have written books (which I promote from time to time), I run a blog, I take photos and create Tik tok reels. That being said, I do not identify as an influencer – for one thing I don’t have the following numbers to be one and I don’t like the title “Influencer” for myself. It carries a certain stigma to it in some circles. Content creation sounds more like an artist putting their work out there – it’s creative and professional. An influencer is often involved in pop culture and trends. I love fashion and have no issues with people who are influencers for the right reasons.

I Don’t Make Money As A Content Creator

I don’t make any money from the apps I use. My books bring in some pocket change every month if I’m lucky (No complaints. It’s great to be making some sales, but they’re not paying for any bills). Would I like to make money off blogging/tik tok reels/writing, etc. one day? Sure. Why not? If I were to start making some money from what I create online, it would likely be a supplementary income rather than full-time income. You would have to make a lot per month to work exclusively online as a content creator. People make good money doing all sorts of things and I would love to be able to be paid for the creating I do. However, I ‘m also happy to write, make reels, take photos, and create simply for the love of it. Why? Because I enjoy connecting with other creatives and spreading good energy around the internet. I’ve come this far doing these things for the pure love of it, so not making money isn’t going to make me stop doing what I enjoy.

Content Creating Is About Expression And Connection

Highly creative people love to create. Not everyone posts their work online. Some people are more private than others. I figure if what I have to say or create can help someone or inspire them, why not have it available for them to see? While I do consume some content – I enjoy a good film, TV show, book, Youtube video, reel, etc. – I identify more as a creator than a consumer. I enjoy connecting with others through the creative online community. It’s behind the scenes and not in your face – if someone chooses to follow me, I hope it’s because my stuff resonates with them. You can connect with all sorts of amazing people through the apps and creative spheres. Some people do this offline by going to events, shows, parties, or meeting new people randomly. Others like to make good use of the Internet and connecting with the world through their art.

Content Creation Is About Being Authentic But You Don’t Have To Bare Your Soul

Some people find influencers and content creators annoying, because they see them as being fake or boasting. I think influencers get this kind of flack more often, because they’re usually in the fashion/beauty/fitness realm. Content creators are no stranger to having their authenticity attacked though. What I don’t understand is: I’m not blogging to bare my soul to everyone, I’m blogging to share some of my writing and to create content that is helpful or inspiring to people. Yes, I do share some of my challenges and negative experiences, but the raw, vulnerable side of me is reserved for the closest people in my life. I’m not comfortable with sharing every element of my mind and heart with the online world – I want to leave those special parts of me for my family, close friends, and partner. I still write and create as authentically as possible – I wouldn’t know how to be anyone but myself. Just because you’re not showing every array of your character and personality online (Who can?) it doesn’t mean you’re not being yourself in that given moment.

Maybe some viewers want to know the creator more. I totally get that. It can be frustrating if you feel that some people are holding themselves back from sharing everything they’re feeling. However, I don’t think blogging has to be anything that someone doesn’t want it to be. Some content creators are more transparent – and that’s wonderful and brave. For me and my values, I want to save those deeper parts of myself for the people in my personal life. I think most people here on WordPress get that and wouldn’t expect someone to tell every single aspect of their life to the public. You can be authentic without baring your whole soul for everyone else to see.

Content Creation Is Harder Than It Looks

Running something like a blog or an active Instagram page takes a lot of focus, time, planning, and organization. Some people hate the idea of someone “having it easy” if they make money from posting content online. The thing is, it’s harder than it looks. It’s sort of like when people think models have an easy job because all they have to do is get glammed up then pose for the camera – there’s so much networking, preparation, time, work, and skill that goes into any creative industry. Sometimes you put more money into it than you get out of it. I don’t view blogging as hard, but if it was easy everyone would probably do it. It takes a certain level of focus, drive, energy, and skill to keep a blog not just running, but thrivingg. It’s a challenge I happen to enjoy. While I don’t make money from this blog, it’s a wonderful way to connect with other creatives, share thoughts, and promote my books. It’s a lot of fun, but it does also take work. If someone makes money from blogging, please know they are earning that income.

If You Love It, Do It

As with everything, if you love content creating then it’s definitely the path you should take. People should do what they love to do. If it makes you some extra money, wonderful. There’s no shame in making an income from doing what you love – many people dream of having that kind of life. It’s also cool to create just for the love of it – many people never make a dime from their work, yet they’re still happy to share it. I love hearing when a reel, photo, or writing piece resonated with someone who viewed it. That’s probably the most rewarding thing about posting your stuff online. It could make someone’s day – or even change a life. The Internet can be a wonderful place if you use it for good.

Thanks so much for reading today! ❤

Do you consider yourself to be a content creator? What has your experience been like?



  1. Yes, being a so called influencer with a ton of followers and producing lots of shallow content designed for mass consumption isn’t something to strive for. There are better ways to make money. Creating content that is unique, true to you, and that mean something is much more worthwhile. I’ve haven’t been blogging / writing for very long so I am not sure I would call myself a content creator yet, but I am planning to get there.

    Also I just saw your very supportive review of my Leonberger book. Thank you so much Sara. I really appreciate it,

  2. I started blogging as an extension of my writing to entertain my readers while they are waiting for my next book and to attract other readers to my odd sense of humor. You are right, it is hard. Sometimes I don’t feel like it and other times I feel obligated. But in the end, the more I create, the better I get at it and it’s a win/win for everybody.

  3. I do identify as a content creator. My experiences have been mixed and are based mostly on writing. I love writing. I haven’t sold a book, but I still write. One day I’ll sell a book. I also enjoy photography, mostly outdoors, or cool urban subjects. I believe that creativity in one area can influence creativity in another. This happens to me frequently. Notes are great. This was a great, thought-provoking blog post, thank you.

  4. Great post, and I agree with you. Although I do not actually consider myself a content created, I do enjoy sharing what I love with others. The term “Content Creator” rings with an officiality that does not connect with me despite the fact i have a blog, IG and FB accounts to which I post and from which I enjoy engaging. As far as sharing personal things, I too like to keep it limited.

    • Yes that’s understandable. I create a lot of videos on tik tok and I have phases on Instagram, which feels more content create-y when adding that to blogging. 🙂 I just see it as a term – nothing too official about it. It’s much like admitting you’re an artist or a writer. Yes it’s best not to let things too personal. Thanks so much for your comment. 🙂

  5. Very good post, thought inspiring as I am new to content creation. I’ve written a lot of sermon messages which, if done right, are personal. (See my blog) But learning slowly of what to write daily. It is a good release and helps me re-focus and re-charge toward a thought line or talking point.
    Sometimes it can’t always be about the money. Old saying, “do what you love and the money will follow.” Still too new to say I have a ton of followers yet. But in time, in God’s will, it will be. People over money first.

    • Yes if it were just about the money I would have quit awhile ago – I do not make money off my blog and if I did, it wouldn’t be more than $5/month. I think it’s reasonable to want a supplementary income from blogging, but that takes a lot of time and patience.
      Thanks for your comment. I’m happy you are enjoying your journey so far. 🙂

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