How To Give Back To Your Followers

WordPress is such a good place to be a blogger and I’m grateful for the good experiences I have had with people here. It always feels good when someone takes time out of their day to check out what you’ve written. While we want to have our own voice heard, it’s nice to hear others, too. I thought I’d share some nice ways that bloggers can give back to their followers:

Host A Giveaway

This is a fun way to shake things up on your blog and offer something free for one (or several) lucky winner(s). It could be something simple like an Amazon gift card or a free signed book. Before sending out the winner’s prize, you could personalize it with little details like a sweet card or book mark. I hosted a giveaway back in the summer and I need to do another one soon. Stay tuned! You guys deserve it.

Reply To Comments

It’s always a good idea to reply to your commenters. It’s also helpful to check your spam folder every so often, as sometimes people’s comments will filter out in there by accident. Acknowledging people who take the time to comment on your writing is a way of saying thank-you for stopping by.

Offer A Freebie

It could be a free e-book or a free download or a coupon code. Depending on what you specialize in, there’s often something you can give to your followers for free every so often. Not everyone will need it or find it useful, but some will appreciate the kind gesture.

Support Their Work

If they are an author, you could offer to buy their book or review it free of charge if they send an ARC. If they’re a Youtuber, you can check out their video and leave a comment. Visit their blog and leave a kind comment to show your support. Most people don’t expect a lot since they blog for the love of it, but when someone goes the extra mile it can really make their day. I’ve discovered some amazing books on WordPress from fellow bloggers – move over, Tik tok and Bookstagram!

Write Content That Is Helpful For Your Readers

One way we can help others is by simply being ourselves. When you find your groove, it can inspire others to do the same for themselves. I know everyone’s got their own vibe or mood going on so not everyone wants to write posts that are “teachery” or instructional. You can share anything you like and it could help someone. Even a photo of the day could help boost someone’s mood or inspire them to take up photography themselves. You never know who you might be inspiring.


I hope you found this post helpful today! Thank you for your continued support. ❀


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