Why A Personal Blogger Might Want To Grow Their Blog

For the personal bloggers who would like to grow their blog, what would be their reasoning? I’m about to explore several reasons why someone would want to grow their blog even if they are a personal blogger.

#1 They’re An Author Wanting To Connect With Other Authors & Readers

An author may join a blog to connect with fellow writers, share their experience, and sell a few books. The reason why I got an account with WordPress ten years ago was a result of some advice I received as a new author. I was told that having a blog, social media presence, and a website were necessary before publishing your first book. Overall, Twitter and WordPress have been the best mediums for my author journey. WordPress has a huge community of kind and supportive writers. I’d even say if you’re not trying very hard to grow your blog, it’ll naturally grow as time passes since the community is amazing here.

#2 They Plan To Monetize Their Blog Or They Have Recently Monetized Their Blog

Bloggers who plan to make money on their blog may be focused on growing their following in an attempt to make money. This is nothing new – blogging is often listed as one of the best ways to make a passive income online (Is it easy? Not exactly, but it’s possible once you’ve built an audience who enjoys what you write). Some personal bloggers want to take the next step and see if they can make some extra money doing what they already love.

#3 They Love Meeting New Bloggers

Most of the community here is so awesome that it can get a little addictive reading other people’s blogs and interacting in the comments. Particularly if someone is new to blogging, they will naturally want to get connected with more people and share insights. As we find our niche, we will usually want to seek like-minded people to learn from and grow with. Perhaps they are introverted and prefer making new friends online.

#4 They’re A Small Business

A blogger who has a small business will hope to grow their blog so they can connect with people interested in their services or products. Their intent is to connect with people and potentially sell a product. This type of blog will probably have more of a professional, business-like appearance.

#5 They Want To Become A Professional Blogger

Some people start out blogging as a hobby then realize they have a knack for it. They may seek to write for other websites in addition to WordPress. They might feel their blog has a chance at making a decent supplementary income, so they are focusing on making it the best it can be – which includes growing their following.


Thank you so much for reading me today. Regardless of what your personal goals are here on WordPress, I wish you the best with your blogging! I appreciate you checking out my blog. ā¤



  1. I originally started blogging to promote my book and writing, to connect with readers. But since I’ve discovered that I am really enjoying meeting other bloggers. So many fascinating people and great conversations to learn from!

      • To be honest, I never considered that there was a “community ” of bloggers. I saw it as a place to find an audience. What I found was more valuable, an accepting community of like-minded people. Its funny how priorities change.

      • That’s so true. I relate to that too! It makes sense as a new author you want to build an audience. I love that WordPress has such a great community of fellow creatives who support you.

  2. I think everyone who blogs and genuinely enjoys it always hopes to become professional in the back of their mind, so Iā€™d completely relate to that point! And yes meeting other bloggers is the best!

  3. Enjoy blogging. Bloggers have different goals in life but whatever it may be, just enjoy on what you do. Please visit my blog, follow and comment to my posts.

  4. Blogging or writing itself has really been therapeutic for me. I have been busy with my undergraduate studies the past 4 years, hence the halt for my blogging life for 4 years as well. šŸ„² Now I am happy to start blogging again! #1 and DEFINITELY #3 are my reasons for blogging now. I really hope this time, I get to find friends in this community. Great post by the way šŸ©·

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