When Your Book Is A Bestseller On Amazon

My Book Has Reached A Bestseller Status On Amazon!

As of yesterday (January 21), my novella The Pup & The Pianist made it to #1 on Amazon in two categories! As an indie author who has never had a book reach that status ever (This same story made it to #8 once and I thought that was amazing), this was amazing to me. 5 years after it was published, it’s finally made it to a best seller in both Action & Adventure Short Stories and in Historical Fiction Short Stories.

It is also #2 in War & Military Action Fiction.

I thought it would be nice to share this success with the wonderful blogging community on WordPress. If I can do it, anyone can! Being honest, I never thought any of my books would do this well even for a free book deal. Historically, they’d get a little boost in rating, but nothing as noteworthy as making it to best selling status. Max and Dash are two characters who are very dear to my heart, so I’m happy that a lot of people have been able to read their story.

Why Do I Think My Book Made Bestseller Status In 2 Categories?

I have been hosting a free book deal for the last couple of days which has helped give it a boost in downloads. I also noted that this is my best ranked story on Amazon overall (so far) so it has the best chance of getting a boost when I offer a free book deal. It has sold the best in the past year. I also believe the beautiful cover that my sister designed attracts a lot of readers – it captures the essence of Max and Dash’s story! YA adventure books are fairly popular and people from all walks of life find a story like this interesting.

I guess I just lucked out when I decided to finally write an epic tale set during the Napoleonic Wars (A long time dream of mine). I also chose categories that aren’t generic (Such as Young Adult or Historical fiction). If you choose more specific categories, your chances of being a best seller improve.

My Final Thoughts About Having A Book On The Bestseller List

I know several of you have read my books, including this one. I want to thank you all for your support of my blog and my books. It means the world to me. I hope this inspires another author out there, too. Even if your book sales aren’t high, your book can reach bestseller status later on and attract many more readers. Depending on which category your book is in, you could sell as little as 3 books/hour to reach best selling status, so there’s many variables than can determine its rank. Of course, book rankings fluctuate, so never let that influence your worth as an author.

While my book isn’t likely to stay at this rating for long, every bit of exposure helps. The higher your book is rated, the better the chances someone will see it when they are searching for a book to read. If it’s #25 (Rather than #57,999), it’ll come up in the first few pages of a book search. Promoting your book really does pay off!

Thank you so much for reading me today. I really appreciate it. ❀


  1. Congratulations Sara! It is a truly great book. It’s really fun to read, really intriguing, a real page turner, and it has a message too. It should be read by everyone interested in the historical fiction category.

    In the beginning I sold 50 books in three days of my Leonberger book and it got best seller for new releases in the dog breed and dog training category in the US and in Sweden for a few days. a week later it happened again but just for one day.

    • Wow that’s an epic release to sell 50 copies in just a few days! Also it would feel great since you were a new author knowing your book did so well. Did you receive a bonus from Amazon by chance? I heard that they will give authors a bonus for some best seller statuses. I wonder how often that happens.
      And thank you, I’m so happy you enjoyed P&P. πŸ™‚ I certainly enjoyed your book, too!

      • Thank you Sara. I had informed the Leonberger community, mostly on Facebook, a few days before the release and I have lots of relatives in Sweden. I also think the President of the Leonberger Health Foundation International helped me out. I don’t think I got a bonus. Now I am focused on spreading the word using my blog. Since I use IngramSpark I am not allowed to set a zero price for the Kindle.

        Yes, reading your P&P book was one of the highlights for me in 2022.

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