Being A Multi-Genre Author

As an author, you should write in any frequency – or in any genre that you wish to. Some people want to stick to a niche genre and hone their craft in that area, while others write whatever their inspiration tells them to write. I fall into the later category. I always just figured it was better to listen to what my mind was telling me to write – and really enjoy the process – than force myself to stay inside of a box. In truth, someone could write in every different genre under the sun and still have a familiar mood, or style. That’s where the magic happens for a lot of readers anyway.

Sometimes a single book can fall into multiple genres. I like it when a story can’t be so easily defined. There are tales that could fall into many categories and that’s just fine. This is one benefit of being an indie author – you can write whatever you want and publish whatever you want. There are many areas in life where you can’t just move to every whim your mind conjures, but with art you certainly can. A lot of traditionally published authors become pigeon-holed in one genre to please fans. As long as they enjoy what they’re writing, that’s all that matters. Maybe some people are only inspired to write in one category. If they feel pressured to stick with one genre then it’s a shame to their capabilities as a writer.

I think the inspiration and desire to write can last for the rest of someone’s life or it could end at some point. If your time as a writer is limited to a few years (or a few decades), it’s probably better to write what you love than to write for what you think will sell or please people. I’m really grateful for the opportunity to write in multiple genres. I also know many authors who have done the same. I like how you notice their particular “signature” or “style” even when the genre is totally different from the last book that they wrote.

Do you write in just one genre? Are you a multi-genre author, or do you plan to be?



  1. I tend to write women’s fiction, although my new work in progress is more a thriller, where the main character is a woman. I have written several short stories with a dystopian feel. Perhaps I will try that next.

  2. I really think that’s the beauty of being an Indie author: not being pigeon-holed. The opportunities in self-publishing nowadays also mean that multi-genre authors no longer need several different pseudonyms to put out their work, which I like as a writer of both poetry and various genres of fiction. It’s something I had thought about when I had considered staying on the traditional publishing path years ago, but thankfully is no longer an issue. ☺️

  3. I love this. I’ve always loved to read different genres, and that has carried over into my writing. I get ideas for stories in various genres, and I choose to explore them. I find that switching it up keeps me from getting bored.

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