I’ll Be Getting More Personal For You

I wanted to let you know I’ll be writing about my indie author/ west coast girl self-discovery journey. Exploring Western Canada coincides with my writing journey. Since I’ve been an indie author for 11 years now, I think it’s time I get a little more personal on this blog. I don’t normally share the nitty gritty, but sometimes it can be helpful to share things with others because it can help both parties involved. It can be reflective for you and an inspiration for your readers.

I’ve gone back and forth between writing a memoir and not writing one. I thought I might write one when I’m older and more settled, but the drive to write it now has been strong, so I need to listen to my inspiration.

While I invite everyone to read my blog and this memoir, it’s especially for people who have been single and free (or are about to be). Those who prefer tradition and “living linearly” may not like the paths and/or choices I’ve made at times, but I want to remind everyone these events are in the past and trust me, my lessons have been learned. The reason why I’ve made this journey out west is to become the best version of myself so I could heal, thrive, and be a better person for others. We don’t just heal for ourselves, but for others in our life. In our journey to become better people, sometimes we can make mistakes along the way. This is how we learn and grow.

A blog is a perfect place to share your personal stories as it allows the reader to choose if they want to engage in it or not. I’m not sharing this on Facebook for a reason. I don’t want to force feed anyone my life stories or make them feel obligated to read it. The only thing that’s made me brave enough to write this memoir is the people who will read it – you.

I believe it can help people when they read about another’s personal journey. It’s often been other people’s stories that have helped me with my learning. I recently spoke with someone who said he’d learned the most lessons from hearing people’s stories, so I hope to pay it forward by sharing this memoir with you for free here. You may be shocked at some things, but I’m sure you’ll be able to relate to others.

If this helps even one person then it will be worth it. If memoirs aren’t your cup of tea or you would never take the kind of journey I have, that’s totally fine. My regular blog posts will resume in March. I just ask that you please be kind in the comments section as I’ll be sharing some personal things at times. I’m not including every single detail of my life over the past ten years, but I’ll be sharing some key moments and lessons. You may be able to see where some of my writing themes and/or moods came from. If you’ve ever wondered what gives when it comes to me, maybe this will give you more clarity. Maybe it will confuse you more. Time will tell. 🀣

I’m putting myself on the line, but I believe it will be worthwhile. You are not obliged to read my memoir, but if you do, I really appreciate it. I admit I’m still a little nervous to post an honest account of the last ten years of my life, but in the end I think I’d regret it more if I didn’t.

* Please note that all names have been changed in this memoir for autonomy and legal reasons.

Thank you so much for stopping by today! ❀



  1. It’s a courageous thing to do and I am sure that even those of us with very different lives could learn something and appreciate it. It is after all the unfamiliar that can help you grow.

  2. I’ve lived a very traditional and linear life, having gotten married at 23 and becoming a mom at 27, so I’ve often wondered what a single and free life looks like. Thanks to one of my best friends, I’ve gotten a glimpse at it and gotten to live vicariously through her, so I’m looking forward to reading your experiences. There are lessons in everything, in every person’s life, so I’m sure something you choose to share with us will be so helpful to someone out there.

    • Aw thank you for stopping by. 😊 I was married at 23 too but left when I realized I didn’t want kids and he did, among other incompatibilities. I’m glad I left when I did. It set me up to focus on things that would help me grow and find happiness.

  3. SARA i cant speak for others but i 100% assure you that I’D LOVE TO READ THE MEMOIR AND I THINK IT’S INCREDIBLY BRAVE OF YOU TO SHARE IT. honestly, i love reading all the personal stories of people (BUT ESPECIALLY WRITERS) because they’re so incredibly truthful and unlike anything fiction can ever replicate, and i love that. GOOD LUCK AND I CANT WAIT TO READ ALL THE POSTS!!!!! ❀

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