Eve & Adam (A Book Teaser)

Since I’ve been writing about my time in Alberta, I thought I would include an excerpt from one of the books I was writing/editing in that phase of my life. It’s called Eve & Adam. While it’s one of my earlier stories, I love how this one screams “indie aesthetic road trips” with a dark edge.

I hope you enjoy the excerpt!


Eve carried a fishing rod in her hand; her long strides brought her up the hill to Adam. The faded overalls and green rubber boots looked feminine on her somehow. Adam kept his bandaged hands in his pockets. 

She greeted him simply with a smile. 

“Hi, Eve,” he said.  

Their reunion was anticlimactic compared to what he imagined, which made him laugh.   

“I have to admit that I wouldn’t have been surprised if you didn’t come back here today.” 

“I was worried that I might have scared you away as well,” she said with a soft laugh. “Do you like to fish?”  

“I haven’t fished since I was a kid, but I’d be happy to give it another go after all these years.” 

Crossing her arms, she leaned to the side, giving him a surprised look. 

“You speak as though you are old! You cannot be past the age of twenty.” 

“I turn twenty-one in a few months. And you?” 

“Twenty-six as of yesterday.” 

“Really? You look a lot younger.” 

“My father says it is due to my resolve to never grow up.” 

“Ah, the Peter Pan syndrome.” 

“I have no idea who he is, but I assume that I would like him?” 

“Very likely. He’s a character in a book. I could, er, lend you the book.” 

“I would love that! My village has a limited selection of literature.” 

“I can imagine.” 

She twirled around twice, causing her long hair to sway in the process. Her movement made him smile. Then she broke into a run; he followed her through the grassy field. Once they reached the water, they stopped to catch their breaths.  

“We can get ticks doing this, right?” he called. 

“Don’t worry! If you run fast enough, they won’t cling on to you!” she hollered.  

Once they reached the water, the small rapids of the brook played their own melody, entrancing an out-of-breath Adam. 

“Nature’s music,” he mused. 

“Do you play music?” 

“Yes. I used to play a lot of guitar.” 

Even to him, his voice sounded empty. 

“You should play your guitar with me. That is, if you want to. I have never heard a musical instrument played.” 

“That is a crime! I had no idea that they banned music. Of all things?” 

He did not want to imagine the passionless life that Eve must have been living in the absence of it.  

“Indeed,” she sighed. “Follow me to the river.” 

They followed the stream for a short way and then came to a lazy creek. She sat on a boulder close to the water’s edge and cast her lure. The sound of the weighted plastic ball breaking the water’s surface was refreshing.  

“Do you live with your parents? Do you have any siblings?” she asked. 

“No siblings. I don’t speak with my parents.” 

She tilted her head, but held her peace. He was grateful that she didn’t press for more information. He just wanted to forget about everything that was back in town. 

The approaching rain’s scent wafted into his nostrils while the wind turned the tree tops into a sea of green waves. He closed his eyes and inhaled the sweet air. 

Had the girl with her bouquet of balloons not interrupted his plans last afternoon, he would be cold and unaware of the beauty surrounding them. Instead of death, natural beauty and a friend surrounded him.  

“This place is spectacular,” he said.  

“It’s one of my favourites,” she agreed.  

“It’s amazing how people retreat to their homes every night after work when wonderlands like this are always here for us,” said Adam. 

“Do city folk rarely spend time outdoors?” asked Eve.  

“Most of us fall inside of the trap of going to and from work or school and not much else.” 

He blinked rapidly to stop the tears from escaping his eyes. 

“Why were you going to kill yourself yesterday?” 

Two beautiful brown eyes pleaded for an answer. 

“How did you …?” 

“How did I know? I saw the knife close to your feet.” 

“Well, it’s complicated.” 

She nodded without reply.  

“So, that’s it?” he asked.  

“I don’t wish to upset you if you would rather not speak of it.” 

“You saved me, Eve.” 

She sighed. “We saved one another, really.” 

She stood and reeled in her bright red lure. Then she gracefully cast it back out to the far side of the creek to repeat the process.  

“I noticed that you left the knife in the grass at our parting yesterday.” 

She glanced at Adam’s bandages before returning her attention to the floating lure.  

“I was not in my right mind yesterday.” 

“Yes. I can relate to that.” 

Their calm silence gave him comfort; it was as though he was sitting close to a kindred spirit, someone he had known all his life. He wondered what memories were stewing in her mind, waiting to be told.

….. to be continued (Read more on Amazon)

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