When You’ve Reached The Other Side Of A Dream

(Photo credit: Me)

What do you do once you’ve reached the other side of a dream? Once you only imagined doing the things you just did, meeting all the people you just met, and achieving goals you once had on a list. Now that those things have been completed and are in the rear view mirror, what next?

I have stood by my new sea a few times now. The sunsets there are beautiful. I don’t know exactly how this new journey is going to go, but I think I’m going in the right direction. That’s all that matters.



  1. I love that beautiful picture. It is so deep, solemn and blue. I think the answer to the question “What do you do once you’ve reached the other side of a dream?” depends on so many circumstances. Allegedly some of the astronauts who stepped on the moon first felt elation and then sadness because they knew they would never be able to do something like that again. Some people whom I know, moved from a terrible situation of prosecution to a better country, felt both nostalgia for leaving what they knew behind, but also lifelong happiness for being accepted into a much better situation.

  2. This journey will be better than the previous ones. Have faith and free your mind of any misgivings. Life is a continuous journey with certain milestones here and there. We must keep moving along the way and enjoy ourselves.

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