Thinking In Words

I know not everyone thinks in words, but I do. It’s funny how some people imagine you to think or perceive the world based on how you look or seem. I think in words, so when I write them down you’re getting a real-time snap shot of how my mind works.

I love processing things. If I didn’t blog, I’d still be making these posts in my head throughout the day. I love how blogging gives you a chance to release those thoughts sometimes and share any insight that could be helpful.

Do you think in words?

I hope you have a lovely Sunday!

(Photo is mine)



    • Maybe it’s not common to not think in words, but I was told by a few people when they edited my books that characters shouldn’t think in words since people do. :O I was like wait … is it that rare to think in words? Maybe it’s something writers do.

  1. I am not sure I think in words. When I am writing, I feel I am emersed in the story. I hear dialogue and see the world around me. Sometimes the fiction world around me slowly emerges as if coming out of a mist. When I am writing nonfiction, it tends to sound like a monologue or voice-over from a nature video or newscast. A test I did quite some time ago revealed that I was strongest in auditory, followed by visual and kinesthetic, although they were very close scores.

    • Oh for sure I get a lot of images in my mind, too. I just mean I literally think in words, like I’m talking how I write. The images are there as background to the words, if that makes sense. 😀
      That’s really interesting you took a test to show what you’re stronger in. I always struggled the most with auditory, I think because I’m more focused on my mind or in tune with the big picture than separate little details.

  2. Great Read Can i leave my thoughts ?! –
    I absolutely loved this article! It’s refreshing to come across someone who thinks in words just like I do. I completely agree with the author’s sentiments on how some people perceive us based on our appearance, but it’s the words that truly matter. Blogging truly is a wonderful platform to release our thoughts and share insights with others. This article is a real-time snapshot of the author’s mind and I found it to be incredibly insightful. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us and I hope you have a lovely Sunday too!
    Thanks for reading , Love The Blog !!
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