Finding A Hidden Gem

There’s an evergreen forest that I saw from a distance so on the weekend I decided to go for it. While it has a trail leading into it, it’s not marked on the map. It’s a true hidden gem.

I was really missing the evergreen forests on the west coast, so I was thirsty for an adventure in this one! The forest itself isn’t on a trail. There is a rushing creek separating you from the forest, so of course I had to jump over it!

I was a little nervous I wouldn’t clear the water, but with all the glute workouts I’ve been doing, my muscles gave me the power I needed to make the jump. I cleared it with an inch to spare. No soakers!

There was a lot of brush to get through to the forest, but with it being early spring I didn’t have to worry about bugs or spiders and you can see through the bushes better with no leaves.

This trek made the view of the majestic evergreen trees even more spectacular.

I couldn’t get over how beautiful the trees were. It was like a fantasy wonderland.

This special place was like happiness manifested. I was on such a high wandering through these woods. The air was fresh and the green treetops were a feast for my eyes.

Be sure to keep an eye out for those trails that aren’t on a map. That’s where you’ll find a true hidden gem.


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