Photography: The Evergreen Forests Keep Finding Me

I love it when you go on a new hike, because you don’t know all the cool sights you’ll see. I went on a waterfall trek earlier one morning and I was so happy to see another splash of tall evergreens. They’re not the same type or in a thick arrangement like the last photo I shared, but they looked stunning.

I spent alot of time looking at them and wandering through them. Vultures flew overhead (not captured on camera) and they looked lovely in the sky. πŸ–€πŸŒ²



  1. Those are beautiful photos. I love the evergreen forests too. As a kid I spent a lot of my time alone deep inside the north Swedish evergreen forest. I guess letting a 6 year old kid wander off alone into the forest for hours would not be seen as good parenting today but back then it was.

  2. Really great pics. Dawn and I love to hike on the “off the beaten path” areas. It is so amazing to just sit and ponder in the raw surroundings. Quiet and peaceful for sure. Thank you

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