Describing Each Of My Published Books With One Phrase

I thought it might be fun to switch things up and describe each of my books with one catchy phrase. It might also help narrow down which one of them you might like to read! I hope you enjoy my little book list today. ❀

By The Sword – A young female warrior falling for her enemy is the epitome of my lifelong obsession with redemption stories.

The Red Coat & The Redhead – Two young revolutionaries dare to outrun the war together.

Eve & Adam – Two freethinkers connect by chance on a hill & try to outrun their suppressive backgrounds.

The Suicides – The most Goth one of my stories with the most haunting ending.

She & The Wolf – A flash fiction collection of the crazy stuff I wrote in 2014.

The Broken & The Foolish – This is a Western that’s as real as it gets – I even avoided some story rules to make it as authentic as I could for the era.

Sally – If you’ve ever wanted to read a Gothic Western, this is the story for you.

The Pup & The Pianist – I’m the proudest of this story where two young enemies become best friends.

A Seahag’s Song – This is a dark tale told from the perspective of a sea hag with a surprising twist at the end.

A Season To Fight – A tale of several teens who must survive wartime in a fantasy realm (This one’s inspired by my grandparents)

Write To Survive – A moody and poetic tale of a young princess’s survival of betrayal and loss.

Marie – If you’ve ever wondered what might happen if a violent psychopath started to feel remorse, this is the book for you!

Voice Of A Storyteller – I wanted to show in true art form how a story teller’s voice never dies.

Shepherd Girl – Life isn’t easy in ancient Israel as a female shepherd, but Zara makes surviving look like an art form in this epic coming of age journey.

The Peasant Woman – If you’re looking for the one story I’ve written with a true happy ending, give this one a read! ❀

Inspiration – If you believe love is stronger than hate and you enjoy fantasy stories, you’ll love this one!



  1. That’s a lot of books! Congratulations πŸ‘ we were given the task of doing a one sentence sentence synopsis and a 100 word synopsis the other day at a master class. One sentence is difficult.

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